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'Buñuel in the Labyrinth of Turtles' US Trailer Released

Next time someone tries to claim that animation is all funny animals, fairytales princesses or fart gags you could do worse than show them Buñuel in the Labyrinth of Turtles. What could be further away from what is typically considered to be fitting subject matter for a cartoon than an animated drama based on the life of master filmmaker Luis Buñuel?

Director Salvador Simo's film is no typical biopic but concentrates on a specific period of time- the making of Buñuel's documentary film Las Hurdes: Land Without Bread. Simo's career up until now has seen him direct children's TV and films, as well as working as an animator and visual effects artists on films including A Goofy Movie, Pirates Of The Caribbean and The Jungle Book. So for his first adult animated film to win two awards at this year's Annecy Festival (Jury distinction and music) is quite the impressive feat.

GKIDS Films had previously announced that they would be bringing the film to the US. The distributor has now confirmed that it will open in select New York and LA venues on August 16.
Wider screenings have not been confirmed, but could be dependent on how popular the films screenings prove to be.

Accompanying the announcement is a new US release trailer. Check it out below!