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'HBO Max' Will Feature Cartoon Network, Crunchyroll, Adult Swim and More

Not so long ago, streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime were home to content from almost every studio and broadcaster. As streaming became the dominant way we watch video though, the media conglomerates no longer want rivals to profit off their content. Like Disney before them, Warner Media-  are preparing to launch their own dedicated platform. They have now announced that it will be called HBO Max, and will launch in the US in 2020.

As the name implies, the service will feature content from prestige network HBO but will also feature a library of Warner Bros movies and TV series and will also include other streaming services and channels in the Warner Media portfolio- including Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Adult Swim, Crunchyroll, DC Universe and Rooster Teeth.

HBO Max will also commission original content. Among the first wave of announced titles is an animated series based on the Gremlins franchise.

Outside of Disney, Warner Media (which was created by the merger of Time Warner and AT&T) has perhaps the most impressive library in the industry.  A service that you can watch Game of Thrones or Wonder Woman alongside Adventure Time, Dragon Ball, Looney Tunes and Rick and Morty is going to be quite an easy sell. The animation library alone is going to be one of the biggest draws. If you're already a subscriber to Crunchyroll and HBO Go, why wouldn't you upgrade and get everything? Early reports have suggested that Warner may be planning to charge more than their rivals- but with an estimated  10,000 hours of content at launch, you'll at least get a lot of bang for your buck.

The fragmentation of the streaming market is going to be frustrating for many consumers- we've got Disney Plus, this and Apple TV Plus all launching within the next year alone- but it's clear that the market is going that way. Some sources say that it could cost as much as $17.99 a month, so hopefully, if users only want some of the platforms (such as Crunchyroll or DC Universe) they can still subscribe to just that service.

The press release doesn't mention plans for international rollout (which is likely to be complicated by varying rights issues) but we're sure that Warner will want this as available as widely as possible as quickly as they can.

[source: Warner Media]