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Play This! Sky: Children of Light

Multiplayer. It can be a fun way to connect with friends, and maybe a few like minded strangers. At the same time it can be rife with rude behavior, bullies and down right abuse. To the point that certain gamers, myself included, generally stay away from games of the genre. However, one game in particular, That Game Company's "Journey," found a way to design a multiplayer system encouraging co-operative play and friendly interactions. Providing a refreshing experience that not only reinforced the game's narrative and made a unique gaming experience unlike any other.

Seven years after Journey's release, That Game Company released it's latest title, "Sky: Children of the Light". A mobile multiplayer adventure game that is a spiritual successor to Journey in every sense of the world. You play as an unnamed child of light, gifted with wings and tasked to help spirits of fallen constellations find peace. But much like Journey, you don't have to take this adventure alone. Along the way you will meet other children (other players), who you can befriend and travel with. Communicating not with text or recording voices, but through chirps and body language. Sky however, expands on this idea allowing game play to open up customization options for their character and gestures that allow for new methods of communication. Even more adorable, friends can take each other's hand and guide another to find hidden items and upgrades their fellows may need to continue. 

After only a half an hour of play, I cannot recommend this game enough. Not only is the multiplayer fun but the minimalist art style that made journey so beautiful makes a triumphant return as your characters soar through billowing clouds to reach temples in the sky. I have yet to find another mobile game that is as breath taking as this one.

Sky: Children of Light is available to play for free on any iOS device.