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Web Animation Watch: 'Spring Herald' 'Green Light' and More

Welcome back, animation lovers to another edition of our longest-running feature Web Animation Watch. In each instalment, we bring you the best in online animation, whether it's new, or not so new.

If you're an animator wanting to feature in a future edition, or just a fan who has seen something cool, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Green Light

A young woman, wandering a post-apocalyptic cityscape encounters a robot soldier in this captivating South Korean sci-fi short from director Seongmin Kim. Showing the development of an unlikely freindship between the girl and the robot, it manages to pack a lot of storytelling and pathos into its running time. Like the best shorts, it's able to create a really coherent vision of its world and storytelling without telling us too much. It marks Kim out as a real talent to watch.

Simon's Cat Special: Missing Cat

It's fascinating to see how Simon's Cat has evolved over the past ten years- from the simple, sketchy originals, to the first full-colour short Off To The Vets. They recently embarked on one of their most ambitious projects to date- a four-part series called Missing Cat. After being given a bath, our favourite cheeky kitty decided to run away. The episodes are a fun way of expanding the world of the cartoons, and showing us Simon's Cat beyond his own garden. A must-see for any Simon's Cat fan!
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Imagine Dragons |Birds

The new track Birds from Imagine Dragons comes complete with a beautiful 2D animated video directed by Zac Wong. Taking inspiration from the song's title and themes, Wong's video depicts a touching fantasy about a mother and daughter with the power to soar like a bird.

Spring Herald

It may run for less than two minutes but CalArts student Curie Lu's short is sensational. With lush anime-style visuals and a hand-painted look, it's a beautiful piece of work that pretty heavily tips its hat to the work of Studio Ghibli- Spirted Away in particular. If this is only their first film at CalArts, we're expecting pretty great things from the future of Lu! You can also watch a making-of video below, to see the incredible amount of work that went into this piece.