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Web Animation Watch: Halloween Special

Welcome back, web watchers to another edition of Web Animation Watch, our regular showcase of new releases and our new finds in the world of independent online animation. This week, all our picks have a Halloween flavour. But we're sure you'll find less tricks, and more treats!

Are you an animator who has made something we should see? Or maybe you're just a fan who has found something you think would be at home here. Drop us a line and you might see it in a future edition of Web Animation Watch!

Simon's Cat: Bat Cat

There's nothing remotely scary about the adorable Simon's Cat, but that doesn't mean he can't get involved in the Halloween fun. In this year's special, Simon tries to enlist his furry friend to get rid of an unwanted visitor, only to accidentally let in something much bigger (and more Halloween appropriate!) Support the channel by becoming a Cat Crew member.

Horror Movies Biggest Fan

The Biggest Fan series from Herbal Toons (animator Danny Lesco) "follows crazy fanatics all over the world [who are] obsessed with characters like Marvel and DC superheroes and do their best to try to become them in the real world."  This horror compilation features fans trying to recreate horror movies such as Scream, Halloween and Friday The 13th. Contains violence and adult humour.

Avengers Halloween Party

Tony Stark hosts a Halloween party at Avengers Tower in this fun short from Cartoon Hooligans. What costume would each Avenger choose? We loved this 9000. Support Cartoon Hooligans on Patreon.

Zombie Wedding

It's not Halloween without zombies, so check out this short sketch from Frame Order. Two zombies are getting married... and it's like no nuptials you've ever seen!

Resident Evil: Zom and Jilly

More Zom-com, this time from Mashed. Directed by Eddie Bowley, this short ingeniously reimagines the video game franchise Resident Evil as an old Tom and Jerry style cartoon. Can Zom get his hands on the yummy brains of Jill Valentine?