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Aardman Making 'Robin's Robin' Special For Netflix

Aardman Animation's half-hour specials have been a staple of the UK Christmas TV schedules ever since the first Wallace and Gromit film A Grand Day Out first arrived 20 years ago. In the intervening years, there have been three more shorts featuring Nick Park's iconic duo, and one featuring spin-off character Shaun The Sheep among other delights. Their short films have become perennial favourites, and no Christmas, Easter or Bank Holiday is without at least one of them airing on the BBC. In a surprising move, it has been revealed that Aardman's next special will not be airing on The Beeb however but instead will be streaming on Netflix. 

The festive short Robin's Robin will feature a robin who has been raised by a loving family of mice (her egg rolled into a rubbish dump). As she grows up though, the differences between her and her adopted family become ever more apparent. And so she sets off on "the heist to end all heists" to prove she can be a good mouse... only to begin to discover who she really is.

This sounds like classic Aardman stuff, with the idea of the studio doing a heist (mini)movie an incredibly enticing one. The project sees fresh blood behind the camera though-  with directors Mikey Please and Dan Ojari (both with several award-winning shorts under their belt) helming their first film for the studio.

"When Mikey and Dan first pitched us the concept for Robin Robin we knew instantly that this was a rare and special project that we had to make together. It’s a beautifully crafted stop-frame musical that immediately feels classic whilst being groundbreaking and modern" said Sarah Cox, executive producer.

Robin's Robin is currently in production at Aardman's Bristol studio and will debut on Netflix worldwide in time for the 2020 holiday season.

[source: Netflix]