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White Snake US Screening Details Revealed

China has, in recent years, become something of an animation powerhouse. Its domestic industry has had huge hits with locally produced fare rivaling Hollywood releases at the box office. However, the films are only now starting to reach western audiences.

GKIDS Films are releasing their first Chinese feature, White Snake from November 15 in LA, before opening in select theaters across the country from November 29.

Amp Wong and Ji Zhao's film is inspired by one of China's most enduring folktales. In a mythical time where mankind battles demon, a snake demon (in the form of a beautiful young woman) and a local snake-catcher fall in love. But can their romance survive when he discovers her true identity?

Featuring stunning animation from Light Chaser Animation (Little Door Gods) and amazing set-pieces inspired by Wuxia movies, martial arts and classical art, it comes highly recommended. Check out our review, here.

Find the list of confirmed venues below, and click through to get your tickets.



Harkins Valley Art, 
Pheonix (Opening 11/29)
  Subtitled | Dub


Landmark Shattuck Cinemas, 
Berkeley (Opening 11/29)

AMC Puente Hills 20,
 City of Industry (Opening 11/29)
 Subtitled |  Dub

Nuart Theatre,
 Los Angeles( Opening 11/15)
 Subtitled |  Dub

Landmark Ken Cinema,
 San Diego (Opening 11/29)
 Subtitled  | Dub

Landmark Opera Plaza,
 San Francisco (Opening 11/29) Subtitled Dub


Landmark Chez Artiste,
 Denver (Opening 11/29)
 Subtitled |  Dub


Landmark E Street Cinemas
 Washington, DC (Opening 11/29)
 Subtitled  | Dub


AMC Sunset Place 24,
 South Miami (Opening 11/29)
 Subtitled  | Dub


Landmark Midtown Art,
 Atlanta (Opening 11/29)
 Subtitled |  Dub


Consolidated Koko Marina,
 Honolulu (Opening 11/29)
 Subtitled |  Dub


Landmark Kendall Square Cinemas,
 Cambridge (Opening 11/29)
 Subtitled |  Dub


 Minneapolis (Opening 11/29)
 Subtitled |  Dub

New York 
AMC Empire,
 New York (Opening 11/29)
 Subtitled  | Dub


Landmark Ritz at the Bourse,
Philadelphia (Opening 11/29)
 Subtitled |  Dub


Angelika Film Center Dallas,
 Dallas (Opening 11/29)
 Subtitled |  Dub

AMC Grapevine 30,
 Dallas (Opening 11/29)
 Subtitled |  Dub

AMC Fountains 18,
 Houston (Opening 11/29)
 Subtitled  | Dub