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'Ghost In The Shell: SAC_2045': First Full Trailer Arrives

Ghost In The Shell is one of anime's most successful franchises- at least with western audiences. The series has existed multiple incarnations- the original manga, Mamoru Oshii's 1995 theatrical film and its sequel, the early 2000's TV series Stand Alone Complex and most recently ARISE, each of which has their own continuity. (Let's just forget the Hollywood live-action adaptation, as most audiences have).

Now the series is going to have yet another reboot- this time in a new series coming to Netflix. Ghost In The Shell: SAC_2045 has already annoyed some franchise stalwarts by being the first 3D-CG animated take on The Major's adventures. The first teaser seemed to have only added to this, and seems to have arrived to a largely negative reception

Now, the second trailer has arrived and gives us a much better look at the new show. It doesn't seem to have calmed the naysayers, but does SAC_2045 deserve such flack?

You'll have to judge for yourself, but most of the negativity seems to stem from the animation style being different. Russian artist Ilya Kuvshinov (The Wonderland) is responsible for the character designs. While The Major herself looks cuter than we've seen before, the rest of the cast look much as we've seen before.

Even if the animation style and music are all new, much of the rest we see here looks like classic GITS. We see Tachikoma,  cyborgs, ghost-hacking and a whole load of action set-pieces. This is hardly surprising as Stand Alone Complex director Kenji Kamiya is back here,  co-helming with CG specialist Shinji Aramaki. 

The 'SAC' of the title implies some sort of connection with the previous TV series, although we don't know if that's because it's another "stand-alone" story, or if it's actually a continuation in some form. The plot apparently sees Section 9 reuniting to handle the appearance of  Post-Human, a "being with tremendous intelligence and physical capabilities." Could it even be a sequel?

We don't have too much longer to find out, as Ghost In The Shell: SAC_2045 will arrive on Netflix worldwide this April.