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Web Animation Watch: Valentines Edition

Welcome back to Web Animation Watch, our regular round-up of online animation. This time, love is in the air, because it's our Valentines Day special!

Are you an animator who has made something that would be at home here? Or just a fan who's found something you think we should see? Drop us a line today!

Lovestruck | Simon's Cat

They say the path of true love never runs smooth. So it proves for Simon's Cat, as his efforts to impress his kittie crush don't go according to plan, thanks to the arrival of an uninvited guest.

Valentine's Cartoons | The BEST of Cartoon Box

Frame Order presents this compilation of their animated sketches with a valentine's flavour.  Witches, werewolves, invisible men, superheroes and giant gorillas need love too, in this anarchic collection of cartoons. Soppy it certainly ain't.

Valentine's Transformers

PICK OF THE WEEK ★ What if the Transformers were more lovers than fighters? That's the bizarre vision in this hilarious AOK parody, where the Lovebots try to woo the Romanticons. But will the dastardly Sexticons seduce the Lovebots instead?

Part One

Part Two

The Song Of The Rain

This short from China's Hezomon Animation, starts off as a sweet romance (that pays tribute to a moment in My Neighbour Totoro) before taking a very different and much darker turn in its latter portion. Hezomon say the film is based on a true story that happened in China 80 years ago. It's a beautifully made, emotionally affecting piece of work.