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GKIDS Films Postpone Theatrical Releases, Bring 'Promare' Digital Release Forward

With cinemas across the United States and other countries shuttered until further notice, it was inevitable that it would start to impact animation releases. The latest company to confirm delays is GKIDS Films who have now postponed the upcoming event screening and regular release of Children Of The Sea (originally scheduled for April 20) and Promare (Complete) (April 7 & 8).

"Given current circumstances & to ensure the health and safety of our attendees “Promare (Complete)” and “Children of the Sea” have been postponed. New event dates and ticketing info will be communicated when available. For info about refunds, please reach out to your point of purchase.

These are tough times for everybody. The international mega-corps that own much of media can probably take the hit, but smaller outfits like GKIDS will have a much harder time of it. Which is why it's important to try and support them (if you are able). Hopefully, the current measures will be effective and the releases can be rescheduled soon.

It's not all doom and gloom though, and GKIDS have balanced this disappointment with some good news. The digital release of Promare has been brought forward by two weeks and will now be available to download in the US from April 21.

A new bonus feature has been added to the release- an English dub cast featurette. The film is available to preorder now.

We hope everyone is keeping safe and sound.