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Newsburst: Rick and Morty, Solar Opposites, Cardiff Animation Nights and More

While most of the entertainment world- like the world at large- is currently in shutdown, there's still a surprising amount of animation news still happening. So we're rounding it up for your convenience- welcome to another edition of Newsburst.

There's still no news on when we'll get to see the remaining episodes of Rick and Morty Season 4- and there's a good chance that the current crisis could see them delayed. In the meantime however, Adult Swim have surprised us by dropping an unexpected treat. Samurai and Shogun is a short that combines Rick and Morty with samurai movies- particularly the Lone Wolf and Cub series. Produced in Japan by Studio Deen, complete with Japanese language dialogue, it's an incredibly authentic and spot-on recreation, complete with samurai sword battles and blood fountains.

Also hoping to fill that Rick and Morty shaped hole in your life is the new series from R&M co-creator Justin Roiland.  Solar Opposites is a series about a family of aliens who move to Earth and have to deal with life among the humans.  Hulu have released the first trailer and announced a May 8 release date. It looks like it's going to be much in the same vein, with extreme violence, satire, salty language and sci-fi hijinx. It remains to be seen how well Roiland will work without Dan Harmon on board, but based on this first sneak peek, it's looking pretty promising.

The Hollywood Reporter published an interesting look at how the animation industry is managing to keep going during the current crisis.

Manga Entertainment have brought some cheer to UK anime fans by announcing that One Piece: Stampede will land on Blu-Ray and DVD this summer. Following a short cinema release earlier this year, the latest big screen spin-off for Japan's most popular anime will arrive on June 8.  Alongside the standard Blu-Ray and DVD releases, the film will also get a limited edition steelbook.

Cardiff Animation Nights can't hold their normal screening event this month due to the UK shutdown, but the event will be moving online for the very first time! On Thursday, April 2 at 8pm BST they will screen a hour of animation from around the world.  Follow Animation Nights on Twitter or Facebook to find out how to tune in.

Last week's Quickdraw 48-hour challenge, organised by Cardiff Animation Festival was a roaring success, and if you missed the live stream, you can now watch all the shorts now on the festival's website., or watch the archived stream here.

Netflix have confirmed that Castlevania will return for a fourth season, just weeks after the third season arrived. The news was confirmed via their NX Twitter account. There's no other details just yet, so we don't know when it will arrive or how many episodes it will include, but its good news for fans of the series nonetheless.