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Newsburst: 'My Hero Academia', 'Tiger and Bunny 2', 'RetroCrush' and more

Welcome back to Newsburst, our new regular roundup of the latest happenings in the animation world.

Some good but not terribly surprising news- My Hero Academia, the smash-hit superhero anime has been confirmed to be returning for a fifth season. Season four has just wrapped up, and the popularity shows no signs of waning, so don't expect it to end any time soon.  There's been no official date for when the new season arrives, but the last series began in October, so a similar start is likely (pandemic related delays notwithstanding).

Much more unexpected was the announcement that another anime that is inspired by western superhero tropes Tiger and Bunny is to get a second season. The original anime aired back in 2011, with two movies coming out in 2012 and 2014. Since then, we've heard nothing (except news of a potential Hollywood adaptation) so it seemed that the time for a sequel had long passed. Tiger and Bunny 2 will air in 2022, by which time it will be 11 years since the original began. The new series will pick up after the events of the Tiger and Bunny: The Rising movie, and will see the key creative staff return to the series.

Get a first look at Romesh Ranganathan, one of the UK's top comedians making his animation debut in Daisy and Olly. The series is created by fellow stand-up Jason Manford,  and Romesh is the latest celebrity pal Manford has managed to bring on board for an appearance, following Paddy McGuiness, Brendon Caroll and Gary Barlow.  The two episodes he appears in will air on Channel 5 on Wednesday, April 9 and Friday, April  11at 7:10am.

New streaming service Retrocrush has launched in the US and Canada (although they hope to expand to future territories), dedicated to classic anime. The service is currently available on iOS, Android, Roku and Amazon Fire TV, and a desktop version is in the works. And it's completely free!