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Web Animation Watch: Balance, Horse, Waypoints and More

Welcome back to another fine edition of Web Animation Watch, our latest selection of the finest animation we've found on our journeys through the wilds of the interwebs. This time we bring you the weird, the wonderful and the... WTF?

If you're an animator who has produced something you think we should feature in future, shoot us an email today.


Technology can be a wonderful thing... when it works.  But over-reliance on technology can land you in deep water, as this funny animated sketch from Aussie animators Safety Hammer (who are also behind the NSFW webcomic Oglaf). A word of warning though- if you a device with Siri on it nearby, you might want to cover its ears.

Ambush | Simon's Cat

The majority of people are stuck at home right now, but how is that affecting our pets? Simon's Cat has had enough of Simon being at home all the time, and decides to get up to mischief in this At Home special of the internet's finest Cat-Toon.


There are times when mere words are not enough to do an animation justice. This short from UK 3D artist and animator AJ Jeffries is such a time. It's not easy to describe Horse but AJ himself has gone with the short and snappy " A horse struggles to exist." Don't we all, my behooved brother, don't we all? Magnificent stuff.

H O R S E from AJ Jefferies on Vimeo.

WALL•E in 16-Bit | Pixar Remix

The trend for pixel-animated recreations of favourite movies, series and games has been popular for some time now. It was only a matter of time until studios got involved. It may be late to the party, but this Pixar Remix which brings the classic Wall•E to life in glorious 16-bit vision is excellently done, with some fantastic pixel animation.


★PICK OF THE WEEK  Two duelling artists compete to show off their differing styles- before having to put their differences aside to face a common enemy. This innovative short sees two different animation styles competing for space, with each artist representing a different technique. It's a wonderful idea pulled off with considerable panache. Animated by Raymond Limantara Sutisna, Liao Zhibin and Tracy Quek Kai Ning.