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Aardman Announce Wallace & Gromit AR Experience 'The Big Fix Up'

The UK's most iconic animated duo are back- but this time with a 21st Century twist. Aardman Animations have announced that Wallace and Gromit will star in The Big Fix Up,  their first venture into Augmented Reality (AR).

Produced by Aardman in partnership with Fictioneers, a consortium of British companies including Potato, Sugar Creative and Tiny Rebel Games, it will allow fans to get involved in the story in a whole new way. The story will play out in various different types of media, including multi-user AR gameplay, CG animation, in-character phone calls, comic strips and Extended Reality (XR). The project is backed by funding from UK Research & Innovation.

The story sees Wallace launch a new business venture Spick and Spanners and get hired to 'Fix Up' the city of Bristol (Aardman's real-life home). It will be an entirely home-based experience, so users will be able to get involved from anywhere, via the Big Fix Up's smartphone app. The app will launch this autumn in the UK, with a global roll-out to follow later.

Merlin Crossingham, creative director of Wallace and Gromit says  "Aardman is a multi-faceted creative studio and is just as happy with classic film making as it is with new and emerging technologies. Wallace and Gromit’s heart and soul is in stop motion, but they have often dabbled in the cutting-edge of tech, and this is one of those occasions. We are delighted to join forces with the amazing folk at Fictioneers to take Wallace and Gromit on a new adventure in such a groundbreaking way."

The news is accompanied with a new promotional animation. It's fantastic to see the beloved pair back on our screens in new material. Despite moving from their traditional stop-motion into CG, you'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference. This looks and- crucially- feels just like classic Wallace and Gromit, so we're looking forward to finding out more!