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Web Animation Watch: Magical Trevor 5, Kira, Lockdown Blues and More

We're back with another edition of our regular round-up of the best in online animation. This time on Web Animation Watch we've got some returning heroes and some fresh new talent. Several of this week's entries have been produced under lockdown- you can't stop animation. Stay safe everybody!

Are you an animator who has made something that would be at home here? Or just a fan who's found something you think we should see? Drop us a line today!

Adventure Dog: The Dog Will Never End | Mashed

If you've ever watched Adventure Time and thought "this is great, but you know what it could do with more of? Dogs" then this video is for you. Made by Pegbarians for Mashed this video has more doggos than you shake a stick at. And they're good dogs, Brent.

Magical Trevor 5 | Weebl's Stuff

Everyone loves Magical Trevor. Trev makes a surprise return to bring us all joy in these testing times, as one of Mr Weebl's most beloved musical animation series gets a new episode. The latest episode is very much in keeping with the earlier instalments and is a very welcome return.  Both song and animation are packed full of references and cameos for long time Weebl's Stuff fans to get a kick out of.

Lockdown Blues | The Bruvs

Cockney villains trying to go straight The Bruvs are in lockdown like most of the rest of us. But, fortunately for us, they've put their frustrations into musical form. Lockdown Blues is a very witty ditty that will give us all a much-needed laugh.

Better Together

"Better Together" from Greencard Pictures on Vimeo.

Inspired by the lockdown of New York, Greencard Pictures decided to create an inspiring short made from the perspective of children. It imagines "what could happen if kids took over the empty NYC streets with no consequence or worry." The short mixes animation and live-action footage filmed on the empty streets (while adhering to social distancing guidelines, of course!).


Animated short film "Kira" from HTL Spengergasse – Abt. Design on Vimeo.

★PICK OF THE WEEK Using a lovely hand-made cut-out style (or at least a perfect recreations of that aesthetic) Kira is an incredibly relatable story of a teenage girl who wants to delay growing up. The shot composition and mood is more than a little reminiscent of Wes Anderson if he ever made a 2d animated movie. By Lily-Louise Ammann and Tanja Letuha, as a 2019 student project at Spengergasse in Austria.