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Web Animation Watch: Momento, Simon's Cat The Beginning and More

Welcome back to Web Animation Watch, AFA's regular round-up of new releases and our latest discoveries in the realm of online animation. This time: the origins of a web animation legend, lighthearted comedy,  mind-blowing sci-fi and some wistful wandering.

Are you an animator who has made something that would be at home here? Or just a fan who's found something you think we should see? Drop us a line today!

The Beginning (Simon's Cat origin Story)- Part 1 

What could be more adorable than Simon's Cat? How about Simon's Cat when he was just Simon's Kitten? In this very special multi-part episode, we go back in time to see the very start of Simon's relationship with his beloved kittie. And that is every bit as cute as that sounds. We can't wait for the next part!

The Landlord | Piemations

A run-in with the landlord is a classic sitcom trope. But it has an unusual twist on put on it in this funny short from Piemations. It's a fairly straightforward concept and nothing too revolutionary, but it's got a wonderfully cartoony aesthetic (with some nifty texture work to give it a more original look) and an infectiously fun feel. See more from Piemations here or become a Patron here

NEUROSI5: Momento

★PICK OF THE WEEK How do you define reality? What is the true nature of existence? Such big questions are investigated in this excellent cyberpunk short from Michael Coutto. Dark,  thought-provoking and creepily atmospheric it's coming from the same playbook as Ghost In The Shell or the work of William Gibson. Contains some violent/disturbing imagery. Production videos and more content can be found on Coutto's channel.

The Walk

Time for a change of pace now. The Walk is a story of a man and his dog in the wilds of Scotland. It has a very relaxed feel and a tranquil mood- a bit like a real walk in the country. With its evocation of beautiful scenery and relatable story of a man's love for his pet, this is four or so minutes of pure animated loveliness.

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