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Now Streaming: Over The Moon, Yasha Hime, Kipo And The Age Of Wonderbeasts and More

Welcome one and all to our biggest ever round-up of all the new animation available on streaming services. The reason it's so big as Amazon Prime has gone a bit cartoon crazy and added a phenomenal amount of animation. The UK got loads of classic anime from Anime Limited and the US got an injection of anime via Sentai Filmworks and Discotek Media. In a welcome surprise, Prime also got a lot of animated shorts.

Netflix this month got continuations of popular originals Kipo And The Age of Wonderbeats and Last Kids on Earth, plus original feature Over The Moon, an animated musical blockbuster that is the feature debut of Oscar-winning former Disney legend Glen Keane



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Note: Some new additions may already be available in other regions, and includes renewals  All information correct to the best of our knowledge but subject to change. Titles listed are available in the US and UK Unless otherwise stated. Other regions will vary.

New On Netflix

Subscription required. Titles are available in all regions if no region is specified.

44 Cats NEW EPISODES Feline fun. [US]
A Go! Go! Cory Carlson Halloween Holiday special. 
Bakugan: Battle Planet Kid's anime. [US, UK]
Batman: The Killing Joke One of The Dark Knight's darkest adventures.[US] 
Black Butler: Book Of Circus Supernatural action anime [US]
Carman Sandiego SEASON 3 Where on Earth could she be?
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs It's raining food, hallellujah. [US]
Code Lyoko Mid noughties CG action cartoon [US, UK]
The Corpse Bride Gothic Tim Burton stop-motion animation. [UK]
Cosmos Laundromat Short [US, UK]
Fast And Furious Spy Raceers [NEW EPISODES] Vroooooom.
Fireman Sam NEW EPISODES CG update of classic British stop-motion series.[US, UK]
Food Wars: The Second Plate Food fighting, anime style. [UK] .
The Grinch Dr Seuss adaptation. [UK]
Happy Holidays From Madagascar Specials. [US]
Jurassic World: Camp Cretacious Dino adventure.
Kipo And The Age Of Wonderbeasts [NEW EPISODES] The final season.
The Last Kids On Earth [NEW EPISODES] Fantasy adventure.
The Magic Schoolbus Rides Again: The Frizz Conection Edutainmnet special
Masameer Classics Saudi adult animation.
Mighty Little Bheem Indian animation. 
Octonauts & The Great Barrier Reef. Special.
Over The Moon Animation legend Glen Keane makes his overdue feature debut as director.
ParaNorman Laika fave about a kid with the ability to see ghosts [US]
The Pirates: A Band Of Misfits Aardman pirate comedy. [US]
Polly Pocket Tiny adventures. [UK]
Starbeam Halloween Hero Halloween special.
Super Monsters: Dia De Los Monsters Seasonal special.
Sword Art Online: Alicization Continuation of sci-fi fantasy anime. [US]
Zoids Wild Toy-based mecha anime. [US]
Zafara African adventure. [UK]

New On Amazon Prime 

Subscription required.


3 Amigo Nauts Animated antics. [US]
6Teen Teen series. [UK] 
8 Man After Sci-fi anime. [US]
The Addams Family They're creepy and they're kooky. [US]
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar Cutesie anime. [US]
A Mouse Tale Rodent adventure. [UK]
A Very Brave Witch
The Adventures Of Tintin Adventures with the boy reporter. [UK]
The Adventures of Maya The Bee Buzz. [US]
Adventures: Masters Of Time Time travel adventures. [UK] 
The Adventures Of The Little Prince Children's fantasy. [US]
Air Mail Short. [UK]
Alix Historical action adventure. [UK]
Almost Naked Animals Cheeky kids cartoon. [US] 
All Dogs Christmas Carol Don Bluth sequel. [US]
Altair: A Record Of Battles Anime fantasy. [US]
Archer Spy comedy. [UK]
Angel Cop Ultra violent 90's anime. [US]
Angel's Friends Kid's cartoon. [US]
Anonymous Noise Musical anime. [US,UK]
Animal Behaviour Award-nominated short. [UK]
Animated Stories From The Bible Holy shiz. [US,UK] 
Annie & Boo Short [UK] 
Annoying Orange Uh-oh. [US]
Angry Birds Blues Mobile Game spin-off. [US,UK]
Angela Anaconda 90's cartoon. [US]
Antz DreamWorks animation. [UK] 
Arcadia Of My Youth: Endless Orbit Anime sci-fi. [US]
Argai Fantasy adventure. [UK] 
Archon Defender Independent feature. [US,UK]
Ayashi no Ceres Anime fantasy. [US]
Babylon Mystery anime. [UK]
Babar : King OfThe Elephants French animation. [US,UK]
Baby Riki Preschool animation. [US]
Babes In Toyland Family feature. [US]
Bakugan Action anime. [US,UK]
Baldios Mecha anime. [US]
Beelzebub Anime action. [US]
Beatless Sci-fi anime.
Berni Preschool animtion. [UK]
Bilal The Middle-East's first CG feature. [UK]
Black Holes Sci-fi comedy short [UK] 
Black Jack Medical exploits. [US] 
The Black Tulip Literary adaptation. [US]
Blaze and The Monster Machines Monster Trucks. [UK]
Blood-C Vampire hunting action anime. [UK]
Braceface School hijinx [UK]
Broken Blade Action anime. [US]
Boonie Bears To The Rescue Animal antics. [UK]
Bo On The Go Preschool series. [US] 
Bounty Hamster Wacky adventure. [US]
Busytown Mysteries Richard Scary eductational series. [US] 
Cailou Preschool animation. [US]
Caligula Anime sci-fi. [UK]
Camp Lakebottom (NEW EPISODES) Summer camp antics. [US,UK]
Canimals CG animated antics. [US]u
Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime action. [US,UK] 
Captain Scarlett CG Update of Gerry Anderson show. [US]
Charles Short. [UK]
Chica Chica Boumba Pepper School Edutainmnet Dance animation. [UK]
Chi's Sweet Home (Season 2) Cute feline fun. [US]
Checkered Ninja  Action comedy. [US] 
Christmas Carol Disckensian festive yarn. [US]
The Christmas Elves Season special. [US]
Creature Comforts Oscar winning Nick Parusk animation [UK]
Code Lyoko Mid noughties CG action cartoon [US, UK]
Cool McCool Secret agent adventures. [UK]
Cosmo Warrior Zero Sci-fi [US] 
Cybuster Anime sci-fi. [US]
Dai Guard Mecha anime. [US]
Dancougar 80's Mecha anime. [US]
The Day Henry Met Preschool animation. [UK]
Daughter Short. [US]
Davey and Goliath  Moral Davey. [US] 

DearS Anime fantasy. [US] 
Devil Lady Anime horror from Go Nagai. [US]
Demon Lord Dante Dark anime horror action. [US]
Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed Animated kids fun. [US]
Dennis The Menace Cruise Control Poor old Mr Wilson. [US]
Dive Sports anime [US] 
Dji. Death Sails Short. [US] 
Dinosaur Island Jurrassic larks.
Dive Olly Dive Preschool animation. [US]
Donkey King Fairytale adventure. [US,UK] 
Doctor Macwheelie Preschool animation. [US] Dot Preschool animation. [UK]
Dragon Booster Acttion cartoon. [US,UK]
The Dragon Spell Fantasy feature. [US]
Dream Defenders Fantasy adventure. [US,UK]
Earth To Luna Educational cartoon. [US,UK]
Earl and Fairy Anime drama. [US]
Elias: The Little Rescue Boat Preschool animation. [US]
Eleanor's Secret Children's fantasy. [US]
The Emoji Movie 💩 [UK]
Erased Timey-Wimey anime drama. [UK] 
Eureka Seven Anime sci-fi. [UK] 
Everything's Rosie Preschool series. [US]
Fantastic Journey To Oz Children's fantasy. [US]
Fishtronaut [NEW EPISODES] Fishy fun. [UK]
Fixies vs Crabots CG animated feaature. [US, UK]
The Fixies: Top Secret CG adventure.[UK]
Frankylyn's Magical Christmas Holiday special. [UK] 
Franny's Feet Preschool animation. [US] 
French Roast Short. [US]
Fritz The Cat Adult animation. [US] 
Flame Of Recca Anime fantasy. [US]Floogals Alien antics. [UK]
Four And A Half Friends Animated comedy. [US]
Full Metal Panic Anime action comedy. [UK]
Fushigi Yugi Anime romantic fantasy. [US]
Fugget About It Adult animation [US] 
Future Card Buddy Fight Ace Action anime. [US]
Gakuen Heaven Gay anime romance. [US]
The Garfield Show Antics with the sardonic feline. [US,UK] 
Get Backers Anime series. [US]
Giant Gorg Mecha sci-fi anime. [US]
Gladiator Academy Roman romp. [UK]
Grand Blue Sunny anime. [UK] 
The Great Greek Myths Mythical stories. [US, UK] 
The Great White Man-Eating Shark Short. [US]
God Mars Mecha anime. [US]
Gokudo Anime action. [US]
Goku Midnight Eye Cyberpunk anime action. [US]
Gormiti Action animation. [UK]
GoShogun Sci-fi anime. [US] 
Gordon The Garden Gnome Garden adventures. [US]
Hana's Helpline Preschool series. [US, UK] 
Hanuman Vs Mahiravana Indian mythology. [US]
Happy Feet Oscar-winner from the director of Mad Max:Fury Road [UK]
Happy Sugar Life Sweet-toothed anime. [US]
Heidi Alpine adventures. [UK]
Hero 108 Animated action. [US]
The Hive Preschool animation. [US]
The House Of Magic Family feature adventure. [US] 
The Incredible Story Of The Stone Boy Animated family feature. [US]
The Incredible Story Of The Giant Pear Adventure. [US]
Initial D; Legend I Racing anime. [US]
Inzuma Eleven Football fantasy. [UK] 
Insectibles Microscopic adventures. [US]
IRODUKU: The World In Colours Highschool anime. [US,UK]
Iria: Zeriam The Animation Sci-fi animation. [US]
Itakiss Anime romance. [US]
Jacob Two-Two Kid's cartoon. [UK]
The Jetsons (NEW EPISODES) Futuristic sitcom. [UK]
Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade Alt-history anime drama. [US] 
Jingliks Indian animation. [US]
Joseph Faith-based animation. [US]
Jumbo Jungle adventure. [US]
The Jungle Book CG series. [US]
Karakuri Circus Fantasy anime. [UK]
Kemurikusa Anime fantasy. [US]
Key The Metal Idol Anime sci-fi. [US]
Killing Bites Action anime. [US]
Kikoriki Legend Of The Golden Dragon Adventure feature. [US]
Kit N Kate Animal animation. [US]
Knight Hunters Action anime. [US,UK]
Koala Brothers Aussie animation. [US]
Kung Fu Panda: Legends Of Awsomeness Martial arts spin-off. [UUK]
Little Dottie Mini Preschool animation  [UK] 
Land Of The Lustrous Anime fantasy. [US]
Laura's Star European children's animation. [US]
Leaf Short. [US]
Leauge Of Super Evil Super villain comedy. [US]
LEGO Friends: Girls On A Mission Toy-based antics. [US,UK]
The Legend Of Hallowaiian Halloween Hawaii  style. [UK]
Lilly Cat Sci-fi horror anime. [US]
Little Krishna Inidan animation. [UK] 
Little Nemo Fantasy animation. [US]
Little Princess Preschool animation. [US]
Little Spirit Festive tale. [US]
Love Live: The School Idol Project Idol anime. [UK]
Love Live Sunshine Follow up series. [UK]
Lovesick Fool- Love In The Age Of The Like Short [US]
Lupin III part 2 Old-school anime cool. [US,UK] 
Madea's Tough Love Tyler Perry's popular character. [US] 
Madeline: My Fair Madeline French shennanigans. [US]
Martin Mystery Mystery adventure. [UK] 
Martian Short. [US]
Marcus Level Video-gamey fun. [US] 
Magical Angel Creamy Mami Magical girl anime. [US]
Magical Girl Site Uncoventional Magical girl anime. [US]
Maggie And The Ferocious Beast Monster fun. [UK] 
Master Raindrop Martial arts animation. [UK]
Mazinger Z Mecha anime. [US]
The Messengers Faith based animation. [US]
The Mighty Hunter Short [US]
Mia and Me Fairy frolics. [UK] 
The Miracle Maker Biblical animation. [UK]
Mofy Preschool animation. [US]
Molang Cutsey animal fun. [US,UK]
MojiCons The Emoji series. [US]
Molly Monster Kid's cartoon. [US] 
Momo Children's drama. [US]
Monster Rancher Poke-clone. [US, UK] 
Monster Buster Club Who ya gonna call? [UK]
Mouk Eductaional animation. [US,UK]
Mr Hublot Oscar winning short. [US]
Mr Bean Slapstick comedy. [US, UK]
Mr Benn Charming British animation. [US]
Musti Preschool animation [UK] 
Music Girls Musical anime. [US]
My Big Big Friend Animated comedy. [US]
My Friend Bernard Family feature. [US]
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Friendship is still magic. [UK] 
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (NEW EPISODES) Horsey shenanigans.[UK]
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok Fantasy anime adventures. [US]
Nagasarete Airanto Harem anime. [US]
Nature Cat Feline adventures. [US]
Nerds And Monsters Fantasy fun. [UK]
The New Adventures Of Peter Pan CG series based on the children's classic. [UK] 
The Night Before Christmas Festive adventures. [US]
Noel Noel Christmas adventure. [US]
The Nut Job Critter animation. [UK]
O'Christmas Tree Festive animation. [UK]
O Christmas Tree Festive feature. [US] 
Om Nom Stories Game inspired series. [US, UK]
Oddbods  Animated chaos. [US, UK]
Oggy and The Cockroaches (New Episodes) Spastick cartoon [US,UK] 
Osomatsu-Kun Anime comedy. [US]
Once Upon A Time... The Explorers (New episodes) Edutainment. [US,UK]
Onihei Samurai anime. [UK]
Owlegories Religious owls. [US, UK]
Our Granny Rocks Stop-motion-short. [UK]
Pacman and The Ghostly Adventures Video game based cartoon. [US]
Pat and Mat Stop-motion feature. [US]
Penelope French animation. [US]
Pet Sci-fi anime. [UK]
Pet Alien Sci-fi kid's cartoon. [US]
Peter Rabbit (New Episodes) Run, rabbit, run. [UK]
Photon Sci-fi comedy anime. [US]
Pilot Candidate Sci-fi anime. [US]
PINY Institute Of New York Colurful animated series. [UK]
Pingu Plasticine penguins. [US]
Pink Panther and Pals Colourful fun. [US]
The Promised Neverland  Anime fantasy. [UK] 
Princess Emmy Fantasy adevnture. [US, UK] 
Prince Valiant  Knight adventures. [UK] 
Prince Of The Dinosaurs Feature. [US]
Pocahontas: Princess Of The American Indians Not the Disney version. [US,UK]
Pocoyo Preschool animation. [US]
Popeye I yam what I yam. [US]
Popeye Island Adventures I yam what I yam on an island. [US,UK]
Pororo The Little Penguin Cute aimation. [US]
Psycho Pass 3 Sci-fi anime. [UK] 
Pucca Korean animation. [US] 
Puppy In My Pocket Toy based cartoon. [US]
Pup Family feature. [US]
Rage Of Bahamut: Virgin Soul Anime fantasy. [US]
Rainbow Ruby Preschool CG animation. [US]
Ramses Ancient Egyptian adventure. [US]
Ready Jet Go! Preschool animation. [US]
The Reef 2 Undersea adventure. [US]
Re:Creators Anime sci-fi [UK] 
Redakai Conquer The Kairu Action animation. [UK] 
Rescue Heroes  Heroic adventures [UK]
Resident Evil: Damnation Video game based action [UK]
Resident Evil: Degeneration CG action [UK] 
Rekkit Rabbit (New Episodes) Bad bunny. [UK] 
Requiem From The Darkness Anime horror anthology. [US]
Revolutionary Girl Utena Classic shojo anime. [UK] 
Rex The Runt Aardman adult animation. [US]
Rob The Robot Metallic mischief.  [UK]
Robot Trains. They're Robots. They're trains. [US]
Robot Carnival Anime sci-fi anthology. [US] 
Robo Roach Insect comedy. [US]
Room On The Broom Special. [US]
Rolie Polie Olie Preschool animation. [UK]
Rubbadubbers Preschool animation. [US]
Rudolph The Red NoseD Reindeer Not the Rankin-Bass one. [US]
Rupert Adventures with the wholesome bear. [UK]
Ruby Gloom Gothic fun for kids   [UK]
S.A. Special Anime. [US]
Samurai Champloo Hip-hop samurai mash-up anime. [UK]
Samurai Troopers Anime action. [US]
Sammy Undersea adventures. [UK]
School Of Roars Preschool fun. [UK]
Screecher's Wild! Anime action adventure.[US]
Scream Street Spooky fun. [US]
Scum's Wish Raunchy anime. [US]
Sea Princesses Aquatic adventures. [US,UK]
Sea Prince and The Fire Child Faiy tale adventure. [US] 
Segrada Reset Anime fantasy. [US]
Shaun the Sheep Championsheeps Sporty stop-motion sheepy spin-off. [UK] 
Shaun The Sheep Stop-motion series from Aardman. [US,UK]
Sheep & Wolves Family feature. [UK]
Shotokan Man Adult action animation. [UK] 
Sherlock Yack Mystery animal adventures. [US]
Sir Billi Featuring Sir Shaun Connery. [UK]
Simon's Cat: Classic Collection Feline fun. [UK]
SlugTerra: Return Of The Elementals Extended special. [US]
Sonic X Gotta go fast! [UK]
Sonic Christmas Blast A blue Christmas. [US]
Soul Hunter Anime action. [US]
Sponge Bob Sqaure Pants (NEW EPISODES) Underwater antics. [US]
Stellvia Of The Universe Sci-fi anime. [UK] 
Stella and Sam Preschool animation. [UK] 
Stick and Stone Short. [US]
Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie Hadoken! [US]
Superbook Biblical cartoon. [US, UK] 
Super Truck Talking truck cartoon. [US] 
Superman The Fleischer adaptation. [US] 
Supa Strikers Sports action. [US] 
The Sweater Short film. [UK]
Q Pootle 5 Alien adventures. [US]
Tashi Adventure animation. [UK]
Tarzan Not the Disney one. [US]
Tayo The Little Bus Preschool animation. [UK]
Team Galaxy Spacey adventure. [UK] 
Thomas And Friends Journey Beyond Sodor Choo choo. [US]
Teen Titans Go! Superhero fun. [UK] 
Team Umizoomi Edutainment. [UK]
Tenjo Tenge Action anime. [US]
Tenkai Knights Action animation. [US]
There Rome Period fantasy anime. [US]
This Magnificent Cake! Satirical animated short. [UK]
Thunderbirds Thunderbirds are go... again. [US,UK] 
Thor: Tales Of Asgard Marvel action. [UK] 
Throne of Elves Fantasy animation.
Tobot Robot cartoon. [US,UK] 
Tom And Jerry Classic cat and mouse fun. [UK] 
Toonstone Animated Westren action. [US]
Totally Spies Teen espionage. [UK] 
To Your Last Death Animated horror. [US]
Transformers: Rescue Bots (NEW EPISODES) Junior bot spin-off. [UK]
The Treasure Island Pirate adventures. [UK] 
True Tears High school anime. [US] 
Trotro Preschool animation. [US]
Troy The Train Preschool animation. [US]
The Twin Girls Of Sunset Street Short. [US]
Tytania Sci-fi anime. [US] 
UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie Anime fantasy action. [US]
Underdogs Sports adventure. [UK]
Unico In The Magic Island Fantasy adventure. [US]
Vermine Short [UK]
The Village Short. [US]
Violence Voyager Horror. [US]
Virtua Fighter Video game inspired anime. [US]
Voodoo Bayou Short. [US]
Wacky TV Na Na Anime comedy. [US]
Wallace & Gromit: Cracking Contraptions Stop-motion. [US]
Welcome To The Ballroom Ballroom Dancing anime. [UK]
Wissper Preschool series. [UK]
The Wind Of Amnesia Sci-fi drama. [US]
Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku Nerds in love. [UK] 
Wolf's Rain Fantasy aUnime from BONES. [UK] 
Wonder Park Family feature. [US]
Xiaolin Chronicles Martial arts action. [US,UK]
X-men Evolution NEW EPISODES  Marvel action. [UK]
Your Lie In April Anime romantic drama. [UK]
Young Pocahontas Feature. [US]
Yowamushi Pedal: The Movie Sports anime. [US]
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V Card battling. [US]
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Another iteration of the popular anime. [US]
Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Battle anime. [UK]
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds That's two better than 3D. [US,UK]
Zig and Sharko Island antics. [UK]
Zigby CG preschool animation. [US,UK] 
Zing Short. [UK]
Z-Baw CG family feature. [UK]
Zombie Loan Horror anime. [US]
ZooBabu Animal animation. [US]
Zou Preschool animation. [US]



Subscription required. Not all titles will be available in all regions.
101 Dalmation Street  Spotty antics [NEW TO UK]
Amphibia Fantasy adventure [NEW TO UK]
Big City Greens (Season 2) [NEW TO UK]
Big Hero 6 (Season 2) [NEW TO UK]
Bluey Preschool Aussie animation. [NEW TO UK]
Duck Tales (Season 2) Reboot, woo-woo. [NEW TO UK]
Dumbo Classic feature.
Dude That's My Ghost Spooky fun [NEW TO UK] 
Elena of Avalor The Latina adventure [NEW TO UK] 
Fancy Nancy Preschool fun. [NEW TO UK]
Gigantosaurus Prehistoric antics. [NEW TO UK]
Handy Manny Preschool animation, [NEW TO UK]
Iron Man Captain America Heroes United Marvel action. 
The Lion Guard (SEASON 3) Pride land preschool series [NEW TO YK]
Marvel's Spider-Man Web swinging action. [NEW TO UK]
Marvel Super Hero Stories Junior super heroics. 
Marvel Rising: Heart Of Iron Introducing Riri Williams, Ironheart. [NEW TO UK] 
Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybird & Cat Noir (Season 3) [NEW TO UK]
Mickey And The Roadster Races (Season 2-3) VROOM. [NEW TO UK]
Muppet Babies (Season 2) It's time to get things started. 
Onward Pixar's latest adventure takes on fantasy. [NEW TO UK] 
PJ Masks (Season 2) Preschool animation. [NEW TO UK]
Rio 2 Blue Sky's Brazilian adventure. [NEW TO UK]
The Rocketeer Disney Junior  spin-off of the 90s movie.
Rollercoaster Rabbit Roger Rabbit short.
The Simpsons (Season 31) You'll never stop The Simpsons.
 Star Vs The Forces Of Evil (Seasons 3 and 4) Magical girl adventures. [NEW TO UK]
Star Wars Resistance (Season 2) Sci-fi action [NEW TO UK]
Toy Story Of Terror Spooky special
T.O.T.S. Preschool series. [NEW TO UK]

New to HBO Max 

Subscription required, US only.
The God Of High School (NEW EPISODES) Anime action.
Monsters Vs Aliens DreamWorks animation.
Re:Zero (NEW EPISODES) Anime fantasy. 
Son Of Batman Like father, like son?
Superman/ Batman Apocalypse DC animated movie.
Superman Batman Public Enemies Comic book action
Superman Vs The Elite The man of steel is back.
The Smurfs (SEASON 3) They're Blue, da ba dee.
TMNT CG feature with the half-shelled heroes.



Content May Vary By Region. 

New Episodes

A Certain Scientific Railgun T Anime fantasy adventure.
Ahiru no Sora
Basketball anime.
Black Clover Anime fantasy action.
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Ninja action.
Dr Stone Shonen Jump action anime.
Dragon Quest: The Adventure Of Dai Fantasy questing.
D4DJ: First Mix Musical anime.
Fire Force [Season 2] Firefighting anime.
Food Wars: The Fifth Plate Cooking anime style. 
Grand Blue Dreaming Diving anime
Haikyu [Season 3] Sport anime. 
I Tried Asking While Kowtowing High School romance.
I'm Standing On A million Lives Fantasy anime
Idolish 7 [Season 2] Male idol anime.
Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon [Season 3] Fantasy.
Is The Order A Rabbit? [Season 3] Don't ask me.
Jujutsu Kaisen Scrapping anime.
Major 2nd Baseball anime.
The Misfit Of Demon King Academy
Anime fantasy.
Monster Girl Doctor She'll see you now.
Mr Omatsu [Season 3] Comedy.
Mr Love: Queens' Choice Pretty boy action anime.
My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax Teen romcom.
Noblesse Vampire saga.
One Room Romance.
Rail Romanesque Pretty girls for trainspotters.
Shadowverse Anime fantasy action.
Sword Art Online Alicization Anime fantasy adventure.
That Is The Bottleneck Quirky anime.
Tonkawa: Over The Moon For You Romance.
Tsukiuta The Animation Idol anime.
Umayon Anime comedy.
Wacky TV NA NA Comedy. 
With A Dog and A Cat Every Day Is Fun Cute overload.
Yasha Hime Fantasy set in the InuYasha universe.
Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories Spooky stuff.

Full Seasons

Aoharu X Machinegun Bang bang.  [New to UK]
Blast Of Tempest Anime fantasy. [New to UK]
Blood Lad Vampire comedy.  [New to UK]
Burn The Witch Mini series from the creator of Bleach.
Casle Town Dandelion Slice Of LIFE [New to UK]
Chi's Sweet Home Kittie cuteness.  [New to UK]
Chrono Crusade Nuns with guns fighting demons. [New to UK]
The Vision Of Escaflowne Fantasy classic. [New to UK]




New Episodes


Adachi and Shimamura Comedy
A Certain Scientific Railgun T Anime fantasy adventure.
Akudama Drive Sci-fi anime.
Appare-Ranman Feudal sci-fi action. 
Assault Lily Bouquet Anime Action. 
By The Grace of The Gods Fantasy.
Deca-Dance Post-apocalypse sci-fi anime.
Diary Of Our Days At The Breakwater School comedy.
Dropout Idol Fruit Tart Idol anime
Fire Force [Season 2] Firefighting anime.
Fruits Basket Anime fantasy romance.
The Gymnastics Samurai Sporting anime.
Hypnosis Mic- Division Rap Battle Musical anime.
Ikebukuro West Gate Park Anime crime drama.
Kings Raid Sucessors Of The Will Fantasy anime.
Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Ursine adventure.
Lapis Re:LiGHTs Anime fantasy.
Magatsu Wahrheit: Zuerst Anime fantasy.
Maesetsu! Opening Act Idol anime.
The Millionaire Detective Mystery anime.
Moriarty The Patriot Origin story of Sherlock's nemesis.
Our Last Crusade or The Rise Of The World Fantasy.
Sleepy Princess In The Demon Castle Fantasy.
SUPER HXEROS Superheroe adventure anime.
Talentless Nana Comedy.
Uzaki-Chan Wants To Hang Out! Anime romcom.
Warlords Of Sigrdrifa Fantasy anime. 
Wandering Witch: The Journey Of Elena Fantasy. 
Yasha Hime Fantasy set in the Inu Yasha universe.


Full Seasons and Movies

Clannad Romance [New to UK]
Death Note Supernatural thriller. [New to US]
Inu Yasha Popular fantasy. [New to US]
Inu Yasha Affecttion Touching Across Time Movie spin-off. [New to US]
One Punch Man Super-powered comedy. [New to US]
Ranma 1/2 Shapeshifting Fantasy martial-art romantic comedy [New to US]

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