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Web Animation Watch: Colza, Gorillaz, Simon's Cat Origins and More

Welcome back web wanderers. Looking for the best in online animation? Then wander no more, as AFA's  Web Animation Watch will round up the latest and the greatest for you. You're welcome.  This week we have whimsy, extreme cuteness, nostalgia and a rock legend.

If you've made something- be it a web short, web series episode, student film, music video or something else- you think would be a good fit for a future column, or if you've just found something cool, please drop us a line. 

Simon's Cat Origins

The latest release from this reliably awesome channel is a flashback to take us back to when Simon first met his Cat, at a local rescue centre. With Simon's Kitten on the scene, the cuteness is off the scale- Baby Yoda may have competition! This collects the previously three-part series into a full short film, now will beautiful full-colour animation. We're hoping that colour Simon's Cat (or Kitten) shorts will become a regular thing in the future!



It's that time again! It's time for the graduation films made by this year's students of the prestigious animation School Gobelins, Paris.  And it's fantastic to know that they'll arrive this year unabated despite what's going on in the world- there'll be a new film every Thursday on the Gobelins channel. The first from the 2020 crop is a sumptuous slice of life in a fantasy world. It features Lizard people and giant paper planes and some wonderfully polished animation. It nods to several Hayao Miyazaki works while retaining a style of its own. It feels very much like just a part of a bigger story- and we're dying to see the rest of it someday! Make sure to switch those subs on!


Breaking The Fourth Wall

This sharp short from Innocent Bakuli Mmeto starts with a really simple idea, and takes it somewhere really clever and fun. In the film, one of the main characters is convinced that he is being watched and decides to try and "break the fourth wall". With unexpected results!


The Pink Phantom | Gorillaz

Virtual band Gorillaz have been king of the animated music video for well over a decade now. And this latest- part of their ongoing Song Machine project- is only going to cement their reputation. As with several of their videos, this is essentially a "performance" video, but given a real twist by the animation. This one has a Gorilla-fied version of Elton John and some very Scooby-Doo style action going on in the background!

Pokémon Silver: Animated Remake Intro

Irish animator Darren Rafferty put more than 300 hours into recreating the intro to the 1999  Pokemon Silver video game, giving the old school Game Boy graphics a modern makeover. An irresistible slice of nostalgia for Poke-fans.  Find Darren's Patreon here.