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Darkwing Duck Reboot Swoops on to Disney Plus & More Disney Plus News


Let's.. get... dangerous. Again. For many Disney fans of a certain vintage, the series that aired in the '90s on the Disney Afternoon (in the US) hold a very special place in their heart. We have already seen Disney TV Animation successfully reboot DuckTales, which has lead to speculation that other DA shows may follow. Now, a little bird tells us (OK, it was Variety) that a new series of Darkwing Duck is coming to Disney Plus.

Darkwing seemed like the obvious contender to be next series to be brought back as the original 1991 series took place in the same universe and shared characters, featuring Launchpad McQuack as DW's right-hand duck and appearances from Gizmoduck. The 2017 DuckTales features Darkwing Duck, but in the new series, he exists as a fictional character- although later someone else steps into the role for real. However, surprisingly, it seems that they are not going the obvious root of using that to launch a spin-off.

The reboot is instead being produced by Point Grey, the production company started by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who will executive produce the new series, alongside James Weaver and Alex McAtee. McAtee will 'oversee the project'. That doesn't seem to indicate that she will be acting as showrunner, as her past credits are all largely as various levels of producer.

No writer or any other creative talent has been announced as yet. If the involvement of people whose only existing involvement with animation is Sausage Party leaves you concerned, you may be worrying about nothing. Point Grey has been involved with various movies and TV series such as Amazon hit The Boys and Showtime comedy Black Monday.  Rogen and Goldberg's creative input in their TV shows has been seemingly nonexistent, so there's no fear that Darkwing is going to turn into a stoner comedy.

There's still a chance that this series will be tied to 2017 DuckTales, but Point Grey's involvement does make it seem much less likely. But at least we can all agree that they better not mess up the awesome theme song... The original Darkwing Duck series is available streaming on Disney Plus.

Meanwhile, new trailers have dropped for upcoming Disney Plus shows.  The award-winning Mickey Mouse shorts are continuing with a new collection of shorts entitled The Wonderful World Of Mickey Mouse.  It looks like the shorts are continuing very much as before. Which, considering how excellent they are, can only be a good thing. Streaming On Disney Plus from November 18.

After years of trying to ignore its existence, LucasFilm has finally acknowledged the existence of the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special, and it has ended up being the inspiration for The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special.  As the trailer shows, this tongue-in-cheek festive romp riffs on the original, but takes an irreverent journey through Star Wars history, and features characters from the recent sequels and The Mandalorian as well as the original films. It looks like it'll be good fun for Star Wars fans young and old. Streams from November 17.