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Now Streaming: High Rise Invasion, Solar Opposites, Close Enough and more


We're back with another round-up of the latest animation additions to the biggest streaming services. This time around, Netflix launches new anime originals High Rise Invasion and Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan and Mexican animated feature Xico's Journey. Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan's Solar Opposites finally arrives in the UK, via the new Star channel on Disney Plus (basically fulfilling the role of Hulu outside of the US). The new section is also home to Family Guy, American Dad and Futurama.  New to HBO Max this month is the second season of Regular Show creator JG Quintel's adult comedy Close Enough.

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Note: Some new additions may already be available in other regions and includes renewals All information correct to the best of our knowledge but subject to change. Titles listed are available in the US and UK Unless otherwise stated. Other regions will vary.

New On Netflix

Subscription required. Titles are available in all regions if no region is specified.


Big Foot Family CG Cryptid family feature.
Booba [Season 4]  Kid's animation.
High Rise Invasion  Anime action horror.
Kurt Turns Evil Noreweigan adult animation. [UK]
LEGO: The Adventures Of Clutch Powers Toy-based antics. [UK]
Mini and The Mozzies Danish family feature. [UK]
Octonauts Aquatic educational fun. [UK]
Teen Titans Go To The Movies Big-screen Cartoon Network spin-off. [UK]
Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Spin-off of JoJo's Bizarre adventure.
Tiger and Bunny Superhero/reality TV satire anime.[UK]
Xico's Journey Mexican family feature.

New On Amazon Prime 

Subscription required.

Bal Ganesh 2 Indian animation. 
Barbie Dreamatopia Toy-based fantasy. 
Bebe's Kids Family feature. (US)
BoBoiBoy: The Movie Sci-fi kids' action (US)
Corpse Bride Tim Burton's gothic stop-motion feature. (UK)
Dante's Inferno Horror animation (US)
Daughter Animated short. (US)
Dorothy and The Wizard Of Oz There's no place like home. (US)
Egyxox Ancient Egyptian theme action series. (UK)
Enchantimals Kids' animation.
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Sci-fi feature. (US)
Happily N'Ever After 2 Fairy tale comedy. (UK)
Harvie and The Magic Museum Family Feature. (UK)
Help! I'm A Fish Underwater caper. (UK)
The Last Fiction Historical drama set in ancient Persia. (US)
The Legend Of Hallowaiian CG family feature. (UK)
Lupin III: Part IV The Gentleman thief hits Italy. (US)
Max Steel: Team Turbo Animated action. (US)
Redakai Action animation. (UK)
Smurfs: The Lost Village CGI Blue Belgians. (UK)
Stan Lee's Mighty 7 Superhero action. (UK)
Steamboy Katsuhiro Otomo's Victorian steampunk adventure. (US)
Team Hot Wheel: Build The Epic Race Zoom zoom zoom. 
To Your Last Death Indie horror animated feature. (US)
Transformers: Cyberverse Robots In Disguise.(UK)
Transformers Rescue Bots Academy Bots for younger audiences. (UK)
The Untouchables Of Elliot Mouse Gangster rodents. (UK)
Up and Away Magic carpet adventure. (UK)
Voltes Five Old-school mecha anime. (US)
Xiaolin Chronicles Martial arts action. 


Subscription required. Not all titles will be available in all regions.

American Dragon: Jake Long Kung-fu capers. (US)
Bluey [Season 2] Aussie animation.
The Book Of Life Jorge Guiterrez's vibrant love-letter to Mexico. (US)
Ice Age: Collision Course Blue Sky animation. (UK)
Marvel Battle World Comedic Superhero shorts.
Mickey Go Local Shorts.
The Muppet Show It's time to put on makeup. It's time to dress up right.
PJ Masks [Season 4] Preschooler animation. 

Star On Disney +
Included with Disney Plus in the UK & Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada (titles may vary by region).

American Dad Satirical sitcom.
Family Guy Seth Macfarlane sitcom.
Futurama Sci-fi comedy.
Solar Opposites [Weekly episodes] Comedy from Justin Roiland 
Titan AE Don Bluth Sci-fi feature.
Waking Life Rotoscoped dreamlike feature.

New to HBO Max 

Subscription required, US only.

The Batman DC superhero action
Close Enough [Season 2] JG Quintel's adult animation
Gen: Lock Sci-fi animation from Rooster Teeth.
Jujutsu Kaisen [new episodes] Acion anime
Static Shock Superhero action.


Content May Vary By Region. 

New Episodes

ABCiee Working Diary Comedy anime.
Armor Shop For Ladies & Gentlemen [Season 2]  Fantasy.
Azur Lane: Slow Ahead! Comedy short-form anime.
Black Clover Anime fantasy action.
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Ninja action. 
Cells at Work:  Code Black Darker spin on Innerspace anime.
Cells at Work [Season 2] Microscopic anime.
Digimon Adventure Sequel.
Dragon Quest: The Adventure Of Dai Fantasy questing.
Doctor Stone: Stone Wars Shonen Jump anime.
Ex-Arm Action anime.
Heaven's Design Team High concept comedy. 
Healing Good Precure Magical girl anime.
The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Fantasy anime.
Idolls! Another Idol anime, obviously.
Jujutsu Kaisen Scrapping anime.
Kiyo in Kyoto: From The Maiko House Anime drama.
Laid Back Camp [Season 2] Slice of life anime.
Love Hina Again Romantic comedy.
Mr Osomatsu [Season 3] Cult comedy.
Noblesse Vampire saga.
Non Non Biyori Nonstop Anime comedy
Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God Comedy.
Osomatsu-San Season 3 Comedy.
PriPara Magical girl anime
Radiant Sci-Fi anime.
Room Camp Comedy.
RWBY Season 8 Fairy tale-inspired animation action.
The Quintessential Quintuplets 2 Romantic comedy.
Strike Witches 501st Unit Taking Off [Dub version] Witches at war.
Shadowverse Action anime,
Tales Of Symphonia JRPG inspired anime.
Tenchi Muyo [Season 5] Harem anime.
Umamusume: Pretty Derby Horsegirl racing.
Vlad Love Vampire romantic comedy.
WAVE!! -Let's Go Surfing!! Pretty boys go surfing.
With A Dog and A Cat, Every Day Is Fun Cute overload. 
Wixoss Diva(A)Live  Magical girl anime.
World Trigger Season 2  Sci-fi anime.
Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories Spooky stuff.
Yasha Hime Fantasy set in the InuYasha universe.
Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki [Season 3] School comedy.
Full Seasons

Cyborg 009 Sci-fi anime.
Fighting Spirits Boxing anime. (US)
Food Wars Fighting foodies.
Gunbuster 2 Gainax Sci-fi anime. (US)
Kiratto Pri Chan Magical girl anime.
Log Horizon Season 2 Fantasy anime
Mahoraba~ Heartful Days~  Romantic anime.
Psycho Armor Govarian Old school mecha anime.(US)
Stellvia Of The Universe  Space opera Sci-fi anime.
Tales Of Phantasia Fantasy anime.
Tetsujin 28: Giant robot anime.
Voltes Five Old School mecha anime. (US)
The Wonderful Adventures Of Nils Childrens' fairytale anime.  (US)




New Episodes


2.43 Sein High School Boys Volleyball Team Sports anime.
Attack On Titan: The Final Season Hugely popular anime. [dubbed version]
Back Arrow Action anime.
Bottom Tier Character Tomozaki Highschool comedy.
Cells At Work [Season 2] Microscopic anime. 
Cells At Work  Code Black Spin-off. 
Dr Stone: Stone Wars Shonen action.
Fire Force [Season 2] Firefighting anime.
Fruits Basket [Season 2] Fantasy romantic comedy.
Gekidol Sci-fi Idol anime. [US]
Gleipnir Fantasy anime.
Higurashi When They Cry New Anime horror
Hortensia Saga Fantasy.
Horimiya Highschool hi-jinx.
Idoly Pride Idol anime.
Kings Raid Successors Of The Will Fantasy anime.
Kemono Jihen Sci-fi anime.
LBX Girls  Sci-fi anime action.
Log Horizon [Season 3] Fantasy. 
Maesetsu! Opening Act Idol anime.
Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Comedy fantasy anime.
Otherside Picnic cross-dimensional sci-fi with a yuri twist. 
Our Last Crusade or The Rise Of A New World Sci-fi anime.
The Promised Neverland [Season 2] Sci-fi anime.
Scar On The Praeter Action anime.
Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!! Musical anime. 
Skate Leading A Stars Sports anime.
Sk8 The Infinity  Skateboarding anime.
Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Fantasy anime.
Suppose A Kids From The Last Dungeon Boonies Moved To A Starter Town? Fantasy anime.
Tsukiuta The Animation Idol anime.
Wonder Egg Priority Anime fantasy drama.
Yasha Hime Fuedal fantasy anime.
 Full Seasons & Movies

Hunter X Hunter Shonen anime.   (UK)
Tenchi Universe Harem anime comedy. (UK)

Wonder Egg Priority

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