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Funimation Releases 'Violet Evergarden: The Movie' in US Cinemas This March


With the vaccination rollout well underway in the US, things are beginning to look a bit brighter for the theatrical industry- and the reopening of cinemas in New York is a big step forward. As a result, we're beginning to see more cinema releases. Which is good news for any of you desperate to see animation on the big screen once again.

Leading anime distributor Funimation will return to the theatrical market later this month when they open Violet Evergarden: The Movie. Created by the beloved Kyoto Animation, the feature film is the follow-up and conclusion to the Violet Evergarden TV series (originally streamed on Netflix and later published on home video by Funimation).

The movie concludes Violet’s story as a young woman and former child soldier reintegrating into society after the war who searches for her life’s purpose. Employed as an Auto Memory Doll hired to write other people’s thoughts into letters, Violet seeks to understand the meaning of the words "I love you," said to her by Major Bougainvillea, the person she held dearest and lost during the War's final days. Violet Evergarden the Movie is the final chapter in Violet’s story as she discovers that while writing the emotions of others, she may have neglected her own. When a terminally ill boy requests her services for his family, her own feelings about love and loss resurface. Now she must confront her past and the death of the Major.

Expect KyoAni's usual high quality of animation and emotional catharsis. Don't forget to bring a tissue. Violet Evergarden will release in select theaters across the US and Canada from March 30. The film will be presented in its original Japanese language with subtitles. Ticket presales will start from March 13.