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Scarlet Nexus, Arlo The Alligator Boy, Genndy Tartakovsky's Clone Wars and More

Funimation have announced the new anime Scarlet Nexus, due to simulcast this summer. The series ties in with an upcoming action JRPG video game from Namco Bandai and will be produced by the legendary anime studio Sunrise (Cowboy Bebop, Gundam).


Solar calendar year 2020: grotesque organisms called Others have begun eating people. To take down this new enemy, the Other Suppression Force is formed. Saved by this elite team as a child, psychokinetic Yuito withstands the training to enlist. On the other hand, prodigy Kasane was scouted for her abilities. But Kasane’s dreams tell her strange things, dragging the two into an unavoidable fate.


Scarlet Nexus will stream on Funimation Now in the US, Canada, The UK, Ireland, Mexico and Brazil, as well as on  Anime Lab in Australia and New Zealand and on Wakanim in France, Germany, Russia and the Nordic countries.

Kasane and Yuito


Netflix have unleashed the first trailer for their upcoming animated feature Arlo The Alligator Boy. Arlo gives us something we haven't seen in the mainstream for quite some time- a 2D animated musical. Making it even more refreshing, it's very different from anything Disney's feature department would put out. The trailer teases a highly appealing picture-book style animation, a very modern sense of humour and some real heart. Not to mention some top tunes! 


The film follows the half-alligator Arlo as he heads to the bright lights of New York City in search of his father. Ryan Crego, previously a director on TV series Sanjay and Craig, as well as art and animation roles on various DreamWorks features and specials, will make his feature debut as director. The script is penned by Clay Senechal.

Arlo The Alligator Boy will be available streaming from April 16. The film will also lead into a series I 💓 Arlo, due to come to Netflix at an to be confirmed date later this year.

Coming to Netflix on March 25 is CG family feature  Secret Magic Control Agency, which reimagines adult versions of Hansel and Gretel as secret agents, who are cursed to revert to their childhood forms. The film is an English-language but Russian made feature from Wizart Animation (producers of the Snow Queen series of films) and CTB Film Company, and is directed by Alexey Tsitsilin. Netflix will release the film globally outside of Russia. Check out the new trailer, below.

Adult Swim give us a first look at their upcoming new half-hour comedy series Birdgirl. The show is a follow up to their classic 2000-2007 series Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law, which was itself a comic re-imagining of the obscure Hanna-Barbera character Birdman.  Ths satirical adult workplace comedy will feature Judy Ken Sebben aka Birdgirl, inheriting her father's law firm. Birdgirl flies on to Adult Swim On April 4 at midnight. 


HBO Max meanwhile has released a trailer for the upcoming final season of Infinity Train. Infinity Train Book 4 will arrive on the streaming service on April 15.

The music aspirations of Ryan and Min-Gi are put on hold as they board the train at the same time and receive the exact same number.... Can this friendship withstand the train? 


More Star Wars animation is headed to Disney Plus! Deep from the LucasFilm vault comes the two-season 1980's Ewoks cartoon (accompanying the two live-action TV movies). It will be joined by the first-ever Star Wars animation, the animated segment which originally screened as part of the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special, presented here as a standalone short. The segment is significant in Star Wars history for featuring the first appearance of one Bobba Fett.

Finally, and arguably most excitingly are the two volumes of Genndy Tartakovsky's Clone Wars.  The 2D series originally aired as shorts on Cartoon Network, before being edited into two movies, which is how they will be available here. They will all be available from April 2,  although we're not sure if will be available in all regions or just the US.