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TV /Streaming News: Bedrock, Invincible Renewed, Castlevania, Adventure Time and More


Animation for the small screen (whether it's for streaming or traditional broadcast) is booming, and the news just keeps on coming. We've rounded up some of the biggest stories of the last few days. Because we're just nice like that.

Warner Bros Animation has announced Bedrock, a sequel series to the classic stone-age sitcom The Flinstones is in development for Fox.  The series is set 20 years after the original and will star a now-adult Pebbles, daughter of Fred and Wilma Flinstone. Elizabeth Banks has signed on to voice the lead and as an executive producer. The series will follow Pebbles as she begins to embark on her own career, as the stone age starts to become the bronze age. The series will be written by Lindsay Kerns, veteran of animated series including DC Super Hero Girls, Trolls; The Beat Goes on, Cleopatra In Space and Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The series will be her first step into adult animation, however.  Bedrock is the latest attempt to bring the modern stone-age family back, following doomed efforts from Seth MacFarlane in 2011 and in the Flinstones: On The Rocks 2001 TV movie- but WBA and Fox will be hoping that this is considerably more successful.

Cartoon Network will air Space House a one-hour Teen Titans Go crossover special featuring the DC Super Hero Girls.  Accepting a mysterious invitation for an intergalactic getaway, Robin, Starfire and the rest of the titans team up with Wonder Woman, Supergirl and company to investigate just what's going on. The special will air on May 31 at 6:00 PM ET/PT.

Finn the Human and Jake the Dog return for the next episode of the Adventure Time: Distant Land limited series. In Together Again the intrepid duo are led further away from home than they have ever been before to face a monstrous evil. The special will be streaming on HBO Max from May 20.

Netflix have dropped the trailer for the fourth and final season of the classic video game franchise inspired Castlevania.  In the final episodes, Dracula casts a big shadow over events as Belmont and Sypha investigate plans to resurrect the notorious vampire.  The new season will stream all episodes from May 13.

Just ahead of its debut season's finale, it was announced that Robert Kirkman's superhero series Invincible had been renewed by Amazon. They must have been impressed with the reception that the show has got, as they have picked it up for both seasons two and three. The complete first season is streaming now on Amazon Prime for all subscribers.