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New Lupin III TV Series Heads To London Later This Year


Gentleman thief Lupin III, created by the late manga artist Monkey Punch is one of the most iconic characters in anime and manga. The series spans multiple manga, TV series, movies and TV specials and has been hugely popular not only in Japan but also overseas, particularly in parts of Europe. It's taken a while but he's also built something of a following among English-speaking fans too.

TMS has announced that the lovable rogue will bound back onto screens in a brand new TV series in 2021, Lupin III Part 6. The new series will mark the 50th anniversary of the airing of the original Lupin III TV series. The original 1971 series ran for 23 episodes and was followed by the much more successful Part II, which ran for 155 episodes between 1977 and 1980.  The 50-episode Part III followed in 1984.

For the next couple of decades, Lupin and his gang appeared in movies and annual TV specials, The first Lupin TV series of the 21st century was the reimagined interpretation The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, but that was from the perspective of Lupin's femme fatale partner-in-crime and long-term love interest Fujiko. It wasn't until 2015 that Lupin would headline his own series again with the Lupin III Part IV, subtitled The Italian Adventure. Part V followed in 2018 and took Lupin and his gang to France. Part six will see them headed to London.

The series will be directed by Eiji Suganama, with Takahiro Ōkura credited with series composition. Hiroki Marufuji is designing the characters and veteran composer Yuji Ohno is returning to provide the music. The series is set to air in Japan in October, but no international streaming or broadcast has been confirmed yet.

Most recently Lupin appeared in his first CGI movie Lupin III The First, which is available on Blu-Ray, digital and DVD in the US from GKIDS Films and will be released by Anime Limited in the UK this year.