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Netflix's Tudum Previews: Arcane, Inside Job, Super Crooks, Aggretsuko, and More

On September 25, Netflix held TUDUM (taking its name from the 'tudum' noise that plays whenever you load up Netflix) their 'first-ever global fan event'. This took the form of three hours of streamed events featuring a host of Netflix stars and previewing upcoming shows and movies and sharing insight into their most popular films and franchises.

Animation is kind of a big deal for Netflix (and it certainly attracts passionate fans) so naturally, it featured pretty prominently in TUDUM. 


The full trailer was unveiled for the upcoming fantasy event series set in the world of the popular League Of Legends video game. We've had a taster of the series' standout animation style in previous teasers footage but this shows it off on a much bigger style. This is definitely going to be one of the best looking animated series out there. 

The trailer also revealed a release date of November 6.


Inside Job 

Inside Job hails from creator and showrunner Shion Takeuchi. The Gravity Falls and Disenchantment alum presents her first project under her overall deal with Netflix animation. The adult comedy centres on Cognito Inc a covert organisation responsible for managing the shadow government and every conspiracy in the world (which are all true, incidentally). Our first look at the show comes in the form of this first trailer. Tinfoil hats at the ready- this arrives October 22.


Super Crooks 

A gang of supervillains attempt a daring heist in this new 13 episode anime series from the legendary studio Bones. The series is based on the work of star comic book creator Mark Millar (Kick Ass, Marvel Zombies), and is the first animated offering produced as part of Netflix's acquisition of the rights to Millarworld. TUDUM unveiled the first trailer. Launches November 25.


Drifting Home 

Studio Colorido made a real imoression with their debut feature Penguin Highway. Their second feature A Whisker Away had its original domestic cinema release scuppered by the pandemic last year, but by selling it to Netflix, the film found a global audience. Colorido are continuing their relationship with Netflix, as it was announced at TUDUM that their third movie Drifting Home would be coming to Netflix in 2022. The film will see three childhood friends adrift on a floating apartment building.

Penguin Highway's Hiroyasu Ishida is directing and co-writing the film, which is an original story.


Cowboy Bebop 

The opening titles were released for the upcoming live-action adaptation of the iconic anime Cowboy Bebop. They are heavily modelled on the legendary stylish opening from the original, and keeps that classic theme tune (Tank by Seatbelts), but adds a few twists of its own. That seems only appropriate for an adaptation that apparently is going to add to the mythology rather than being a straight adaptation. Just how well it's going to work, we guess we'll find out when it arrives on November 19).


Bright: Samurai Soul

A new feaurette was released for the upcoming anime spin-off of the Will Smith movie set in a world where fantasy creatures (orcs, elves and so on) live side-by-side with humans.
In the time between the fall of the Shogunate and the rise of the Meiji era, a powerful bright light emitted from a wand brings an end to the long Shogunate period to avoid further bloodshed as Japan begins to shift toward a new era. Amid these circumstances, a one-eyed wandering ronin named Izou, who has lost his reason to live, and Raiden, an orc who detests murder and hopes to leave a life of thievery behind, separately meet a young elf girl named Sonya around the same time. Together, they go on a journey along the Tokaido road to bring her and the wand she holds safely to the land of the elves in the north. Standing in their path is the mysterious organization Inferni, which aims to obtain the wand and revive the Dark Lord, who intends to rule all of creation. Inferni also uses the new Meiji government in its attempt to steal the wand from Izou, Raiden and Sonya. Traveling along the Tokaido road from Kyoto to Yokohama, Izou and Raiden begin their journey to protect the wand.


Also released was teaser art from the upcoming Season 5 of Netflix's hit adult comedy Big Mouth, revealing a November 5 release. That should be easy enough to remember, remember right? 

It was also announced that the relatable adventures of red-panda offcie worker Aggrestuko would be returning for a fourth season in December.