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Web Animation Watch 100: Mixed Messages, Super Anime Brother 3 And More

If you have been a regular visitor to these parts, you're probably familiar with our longest-running regular feature- Web Animation Watch. If our calculations are correct (and we exclude a couple of special editions) then this marks the 100th instalment (or near enough). Either way, it seemed like a good time to celebrate the many talented animators, artists and filmmakers who have featured in the series over the years!

We've trawled the web, week after week for new animation from the talented online animation community, and we've been thankful for submissions from the filmmakers themselves. From 2D animation to stop-motion, to CG, we've seen every kind of production method this wonderful medium can produce. And we've seen that just because they don't have the budget or resources of a professional studio, indie animators can still produce stuff that can hold its own against the major studios.

We have returned to some of our favourites time and again- series like Simon's Cat or Overwatch's Animated Shorts, or animators like Mr Weebl, The Mashed crew, Harry Partridge and Cas Van de Pol. We've shared many student films from students from respected institutions such as Gobelins, and think we've seen some of the future of animation.

All in all, we feel incredibly lucky to have seen a whole world of fantastic web animation over the years, and look forward to many more future editions to come!

To mark this special occasion we've made a video of our own, highlighting some of the best animation we've featured over the seven years that WAW has been running. We hope you enjoy it!

And now back to your regularly scheduled edition of Web Animation Watch


A young man prepares his apartment for the arrival of an unexpected guest in this great Irish student short from director Patrick Naughton. It's pretty simple in both execution and concept but it works well in creating an uplifting mood and a relatable situation without need for dialogue.


 Mario and Luigi: Super Anime Brothers 3

We've been big fans of Mashed for a long time, and they never cease to entertain with their brilliant mash-ups and twists on pop culture favourites. The Super Anime Brothers series has done a great job in reimagining the classic Nintendo game as various different styles of anime. This latest instalment brilliantly captures the style of pirate epic One Piece. Animated by Even Idiots Can Make Anime.

Mixed Messages | Tom Cardy

Aussie musical comedian Tom Cardy has been a sensation on Tiktok, Instagram and YouTube with both parodies and original songs. He's like both members of Flight Of The Concords rolled into one... but Australian. To celebrate his first EP release, he's released an animated video to one of his most popular originals. Animated by the insanely talented Gabriella Antali.


They Say You're A Wise Guy...

Meet Bernie, a wannabe wise-guy who has obviously been watching too many Scorsese flicks and is described by colleagues as "a bit much", in this droll gangster comedy from animator David Liu. Liu's lively style has a real energy to it, an organic look that makes it stand out, and the choice to make it in black and white fits it really well.

David Bowie Clown Story

Hilarious comedian and podcaster Adam Buxton tells a very funny (apparently true) story from the life of David Bowie. The anecdote is made even better with the addition of ace animation from the acclaimed animation duo the Brothers McLeod. Contains very strong language (and Dr Buckles' spot-on Bowie impression!)

If you have made something you think would be home at WAW drop us a line today! See more Web Animation here.