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Kickstart This! Ailuri- A Hand-Drawn 2D Platform Adventure

The power that modern video games is capable of is pretty insane. The latest generation of hardware is able to render graphics that are incredibly true to life and rival what is possible at major Hollywood animation studios. For a lot of gamers though, they yearn for something simpler: like many animation fans they still love 2D.

Luckily these gamers are well catered for, particularly from indie developers. Some games chase after a true retro aesthetic and recreate the pixellated graphics of games from the 8-bit of 16-bit generations. Others take advantage of modern technology and use it to create some of the most beautiful graphics you could imagine.  Indie game Ailuri, currently running a campaign on Kickstarter is very much an example of the latter.

Ailuri is described as a fantasy-inspired "hand-drawn  2D Platformer adventure" and comes from developer Vivunk Studios, a small team in Sydney, Australia.  Gamers will know what to expect from a platform game-  for a while, it was the dominant genre in gaming and made stars of Mario and Sonic The Hedgehog. These days they tend to be overshadowed by their three-dimensional equivalent, as well as more violent genres like shooters and fighting games. But platformers still have their dedicated fans: and this looks like a beautiful example of the genre.

Gamers will control Ailuri, an adorable red panda (we think) through multiple levels across 4 different worlds, solving puzzles, collecting essence and rescuing animals. 

The game has a beautiful water-colour graphical style and smooth animation making it look like a cel-animated cartoon you can control. Additionally, it will feature fully animated cut-scenes and a full composed soundtrack.

It has an important message, too. Every creature featured in the game is endangered, and the developers aim is to draw attention to natural conservation around the world. 

The game will be released on Steam, but the project also has a stretch goal for a Nintendo Switch version. The project's base goal is $18,000 (Australian) [around $13,455] and the campaign will run until November 13. Backer rewards include digital copies, soundtracks, digital goodies and a plush Ailuri toy with the game alone starting from $20 Australian dollary-doos. There is also a demo version available to download so you can see if the game is for you.

Visit the campaign page now for more details or to make your pledge,