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Out This Week: Future Boy Conan, Cryptozoo, Dr Who: Galaxy 4 And More

There's an interesting mix of titles once again in this week's new releases. Available in English for the first time ever, Hayao Miyazaki's debut TV series Future Boy Conan arrives in the US this week, as does Cryptozoo, cult cartoonist-turned filmmaker Dash Shaw's follow up to My Entire High School Sinking Into The Sea Meanwhile in the UK Galaxy 4, the latest 'lost' story of Doctor Who to be recreated in animation. This serial featured the first doctor, William Hartnell and dates back to the 1960s.

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UK Releases For November 15, 2021

Doctor Who: Galaxy 4 (BBBC, PG) "The Doctor (William Hartnell) stars alongside his travel companions Vicki (Maureen O'Brien) and Steven (Peter Purves) which sees the TARDIS landing on a planet on the verge of total annihilation as it drifts too close to the three suns which its orbits. Trapped on the planet with them are the Drahvins, a race of warrior women, and the reptilian Rills. The Drahvins want to steal the Rill spaceship to escape the planet's death throes, and enlist the Doctor's help, which he is forced to give when Maaga, the cunning Drahvin leader, keeps first Vicki and then later Steven as her hostage. Even though the Doctor is determined to broker a peace deal between the two sides in this conflict and help everyone escape safely, Maaga doesn't trust him, or the Rills... Three of the original 1965 master recordings of ‘Galaxy 4’ were lost soon after the programme’s original transmission. However, audio-only recordings have survived and have been used here to create a brand new fully animated presentation of this lost classic." 
💿 FORMATS: Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray Steelbook, DVD, Digital

Fire Force Season 2 Part 2 (Funimation UK, 12) "After his confrontation in the Nether with his younger brother Shou, Shinra Kusakabe's resolve to become a hero that saves lives from the flame terror strengthens. Finding a way to turn the Infernals back into people, unraveling the mystery of the Evangelist and Adolla Burst, and saving his mother and Shou―these are the goals Shinra has in mind. However, he has come to realize that attaining these goals will not be easy, especially with the imminent danger the Evangelist poses."
💿 FORMATS: Blu-Ray+DVD+digital 


K-On! Complete Collection (Funimation UK, 15) "This is the new reworked version of the previously recalled release. Welcome to the Light Music Club! The Japanese anime phenomenon! When Yui Hirasawa enters high school, she wants to join a club but can’t decide which one is right for her. Fortunately, the Light Music Club is desperate to find another member or they’ll be disbanded! So, with the enticement of delicious snacks and assurance that no musical experience is necessary, Yui joins the Light Music Club. She becomes the guitarist in this all-girl high school rock band with Mio Akiyama on bass, Tsumugi Kotobuki on keyboard and Ritsu Tainaka on drums. Together, they’re going to rock the school and someday make it to the Budokan!"
💿 FORMATS: Blu-Ray

US Releases For November 16, 2021

Cryptozoo (Magnolia)"Cryptozookeepers try to capture a Baku, a dream-eating hybrid creature of legend, and start wondering if they should display these beasts or keep them hidden and unknown."
💿 FORMATS: Blu-Ray, Digital


Future Boy Conan (GKIDS Films/Shout Factory, ) " Twenty years ago, a terrible war fought with magnetic weapons caused the earth's axis to tilt, and earthquakes and tidal waves destroyed civilization. Conan is born into this new world, raised by his grandfather on an isolated island. But his life is forever changed when a mysterious girl named Lana washes ashore, pursued by shadowy operatives who seek to use her in a new scheme to control what's left of the world.The directorial debut of Academy Award®-winner* Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away), Future Boy Conan, is a landmark in animation history. This crackling sci-fi adventure series, beloved worldwide but never before released in North America, features a new English language version and 4K digital restoration."
💿 FORMATS: Blu-Ray


Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation Season 2 (Funimation, TV-14) "After the fight with Enchu, the boys struggle to catch their breath. But new rival Goryo has no plans of giving them any air, even stealing one of their clients. This executor is quick to plant his foot on his enemies’ throats—that means Muhyo and Roji!"
💿 FORMATS: Blu-Ray+Digital

My Roommate is a Cat Essentials (Funimation, TV-14) "Sharing his home is the last thing an eccentric author like Mikazuki would do until a stray cat sparks an idea for his next novel. When he invites the little furball into his life, tons of trouble come with it!"
💿 FORMATS: Blu-Ray+Digital

Patema Inverted (GKIDS Films/Shout Factory, 13+ )"Patema lives in an underground world of tunnels, the long-abandoned ruins of a giant industrial complex. Though she is a princess, she is held back by the rules imposed by the elders of her clan. One day when she is exploring in a forbidden zone, she is startled by a strange bat-like creature and tumbles headlong into a void – and out into the wide open world above the surface, a place with reversed physics, where if she let go she would “fall up” into the sky and be lost forever.Age is a student on this surface world, a totalitarian society whose compliant population has been brainwashed against the “sinners who fell into the sky.” When he spies Patema hanging upside-down from a tree, he pulls her down to safety, struggling with all his might to keep her earthbound as she grips on to him for dear life. Together their weights cancel each other out, and once they master the art of navigating competing gravitational forces, they set out to evade the leaders of Age’s world and discover the secret that keeps their worlds apart."


Pokemon The First Movie and I Choose You! Double Feature (Viz, 7+  ) " Pokémon Double Feature contains Pokémon: The First Movie and Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!, both directed by Kunihiko Yuyama."

Problem Children are Coming From Another World, Aren't They? (Sentai Filmworks, TV-14) "On the planet Little Garden, the dangerous Gift Games played between individuals with unique abilities are the route to wealth, power and global dominance. Where there are winners, however, there are also losers, and the No Name faction has been so decimated that only 120 members, mostly children, remain. Now there's just one hope: Bring in outside recruits and gamble that their new abilities will reverse the tide! And on a world known as Earth, they find Izayoi, Asuka and Yo. The three new players have no idea what they're getting into, let alone any inkling as to how dangerous the games really are, but all are far more formidable than they appear. The battle for supremacy will be anything except fun and games as the ultimate fight for power begins!"
💿 FORMATS: Blu-Ray

Robotech Part 2 The Masters Saga (Funimation, 7+) "After Earth’s annihilation, the survivors struggle to rebuild their planet, only to face a new crisis. The Robotech Masters arrive to complete the mission that the Zentraedi Armada began, to reclaim their lost technology and destroy anyone in their way!"
💿 FORMATS: Blu-Ray+ Digital

Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It (Sentai Filmworks, TV-14) "When university researcher Ayame Himuro confesses to fellow researcher Shinya Yukimura that she's in love with him, it sets off an interesting debate. Being the kind of students that they are, Yukimura wonders if love can be proven as a formula. Himuro's first attempt, counting increased heartbeats and numbers of longing glances, seem promising. However, when they test those results under laboratory conditions, reenacting scenes from romantic manga, the data gets confusing. Especially after they drag in classmate Kanade Kotonoha to act as a "control", since when she and Yukimura reenact the same scenes, much of the "physical evidence" is duplicated! Of course, that just means that they and their entire research team will just have to try harder! Is love blind? And was it blinded by science?"
💿 FORMATS: Blu-Ray

Upcoming Releases

All Release dates are subject to change. Listed Dates are for US release unless stated otherwise. Digital releases may be earlier.

Cowboy Bebop Collector's Edition ZAVII EXCLUSIVE (Anime Ltd) Blu-Ray  Nov 22 [UK]
Princess Mononoke Special Edition (StudioCanal) Blu-Ray Nov 29 [UK]
Porco Rosso Special Edition (StudioCanal) Blu-Ray Nov 29 [UK]
Rick and Morty Season 5 (Warner Bros) Blu-Ray, DVD, Blu-ray Steelbook December 7
The Mitchells Vs The Machines [UK] (Sony) Blu-Ray, DVD TBC
The Mitchells Vs The Machines (Sony) Blu-Ray+DVD+Digital December 14
Cartoon Saloon Irish Folklore Trilogy (StudioCanal) Blu-Ray LCE Dec 13 [UK]
Neon Genesis Evangelion (Anime Ltd) Blu-Ray, CE Blu-Ray Dec 8 [UK]
Project A-Ko (Discotek Media) Blu-Ray Dec 21
Weathering with You 4K (GKIDS/Shout Factory) 4K UHD Jan 4

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