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Disney Reveals New Feature 'Strange World' For November 2022

As the year comes to a close, we've been getting a better idea of what the animation landscape of 2022 will look like. We've already got first looks at Pixar's Turning Red and Lightyear and Sony's Across The Spider-Verse. But we didn't know what Walt Disney Animation's Studio's offering for the year would be.

2021 has been a year of Double-Disney, with both Raya And The Last Dragon and Encanto hitting cinemas within the same year. Next year it's Pixar's turn to put out two films and Disney is releasing one for the Thanksgiving/Holiday season.

And now we know what the film will be. Disney has revealed their next movie will be titled Strange World, which is described as a journey "deep into an uncharted and treacherous land where fantastical creatures await." The film is directed by Don Hall, director of Big Hero 6, co-director of Moana and Raya The Last Dragon. Qui Nguyen a playwright and screenwriter who co-wrote on Raya is on board as co-director and screenwriter. Roy Conli will produce.

We can get a look into that strange world in the beautiful concept art that Disney revealed along with the news. The film will follow a family of legendary explorers called the Clades.  It's set to be a tribute to classic pulp fiction yarns of the early 20th Century- even the font of the title looks like it comes from the cover of a classic fantasy/sci-fi magazine. In the image, there's beautiful imagery with what looks like gigantic mushrooms and several different species of strange creatures. All in all, it looks like it's going to live up to its title.

It's currently scheduled for release in the US on November 23, 2022. Expect more details sooner the time.


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