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Looney Tunes Cartoons, Moana: The Series, Critical Role: The Legend Of Vox Machina and FreakAngels


Love is in the air, and HBO Max has announced a new Looney Tunes Cartoons special will land in time for Valentine's Day. Looney Tunes Cartoons Valentine’s Extwavaganza will feature new romance-themed fun from Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck and More. The special will be streaming for subscribers from Thursday, February 3.   Check out the new trailer, below.

The eagerly anticipated Prime Video adult animated fantasy-comedy Critical Role:  The Legend Of Vox Machina has announced that the series will feature an all-star voice cast in both recurring and guest roles. In the original live-play, co-creator and Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer voiced all of the non-player-characters, but now he and original cast members Ashley Johnson, Travis Willingham, Laura Bailey, Sam Reigal and others will be joined by some legendary actors, many of whom are already associated with the fantasy genre.

The cast will feature David Tenant, Stephanie Beatriz, Tony Hale, Stephen Root, Felica Day, Dominic Monaghan, Indira Varma, Kelly, Hu, Gina Torres and more Prominent voice actors such as Greg Griffin and Max Mittelman also join the cast.

The series will be released on Prime Video three episodes a time weekly from January 28. Get to know the new voice cast in the introductory video, below.

Walt Disney Animation Studio's upcoming Disney Plus series spin-off from Moana has found its director/showrunner in the form of David G. Derrick Jr.  Derrick is a respected story artist and storyboarder who has worked on features including How To Train Your Dragon, Megamind and Flushed Away, before joining Disney to work on the original 2016 Moana feature.  Derrick is of Samoan ancestry, so he has a deeply personal connection to the story and to the Pacific Island culture it depicts. The series is set to be produced at the newly announced WDAS campus in Vancouver, Canada that is set to open later in 2022.  The series will be produced by Oscar-nominated producer Osnat Shurer. No release date has been revealed yet for the series.

Crunchyroll has revealed a first-look preview and the casting details of their upcoming Original series FreakAngels, ahead of its January 27 premiere. Based on the hit graphic novel series of the same name, the action-fantasy features battling psychics in a future post-apocalyptic version of London's Whitechapel borough. The series is produced by Crunchyroll Studios with character designs by Hiroshi Shimizu with Osamu Masuyama on board as the Art Director.

The full voice cast includes:

KK voiced by Marsha Thomason (Castlevania). A swaggering gearhead, the sort of cool mechanic girl who’ll drink all your beer, set light to your house and drive off on your motorbike. KK is the spiky, violent big sister of the FreakAngels.

Arkady voiced by Julie Nathanson (Great Pretender). Eccentric, can seem like a playful child. Arkady is the most powerful person in the world, but she’s dizzy and fragile. In private, she’s exploring her powers. A gentle woman with a storm inside her.

Jack voiced by Tru Valentino (The Cuphead Show). A loner and a sailor who prefers to work with his hands, Jack keeps busy using his boat to scavenge flooded London for supplies and fend off raiders. He's the classic model of stoic manhood.

Sirkka voiced by Nazneen Contractor (Star Wars Resistance). She's a sincere pacifist, but her high morals and polyamorous lifestyle can sometimes cause friction with the other FreakAngels, especially Jack.

 • Connor voiced by Christian Lees (PISTOL). The damaged soul. Connor is up in his own head. He thinks too much. He’s warm and emotional, with thin skin. He’s going to have to pull himself together to pull the group together in the face of the threats to come.

Mark voiced by Daniel Gillies (The Vampire Diaries). Mark is the FreakAngel who was exiled. He used his powers to control people, and they threw him out. Since then, he’s been roaming Britain, getting stronger, laying plans.

Luke voiced by Chris Geere (Animaniacs, Detective Pikachu). A rogue intellectual with a university poshness. He’s broken, toxic, impossibly charming until you see his damage up close.

Kat voiced by Victoria Atkin (Assassin’s Creed). Self-appointed “cop” of Whitechapel. She is quite mad, but devoted to everyone’s safety. Solitary but intimidating.

Miki voiced by Mallory Low (DC Super Hero Girls, Final Fantasy VII Remake). The medic. Her wit is razor sharp. Good at healing people, not so good at talking to them.

Caz voiced by  Anniwaa Buachie (X-Men ‘97). An urban engineer. She will build her way to a better future. She is the most mature and self-aware member of the group.

Karl voiced by Darren Jacobs (Death Stranding, Genshin Impact). Telepathy is strong with Karl; he isolates in his garden for mental quiet. Kirk is the only one he can stand. Prefers to tend to his garden, alone.

Kirk voiced by Tru Valentino (The Cuphead Show). Totally devoted to Karl, pissed off with everything else. He misses the old world, and is slow to trust anyone while very quick to anger.

Alice voiced by Della Saba (Ralph Breaks the Internet, Steven Universe). Resourceful and takes no shit. She was barely a teen when “the world ended,” and grew up with no support and no pity.