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Out This Week: Addams Family 2, Calamity, Tower Of God and More


This week in new home entertainment releases there is family-friendly fun with the return of the creepy and kooky Addams Family arriving on disc in the US. In old-school anime, the classic Akira gets a standard edition 4K release Stateside (to accompany the earlier collector's edition) alongide a reissue of the 90s horror OAV Doomed Megalopolis.. For more up-to-date anime US readers can get their hands on Tower Of God based on the hit online comic, or Assault Lily Bouquet and UK readers can boost their collection with Fuse and Osamu Tezuka's Dororo.

Last weekend, with no fanfare and zero promotion Remi Chaye's follow up to Long Way North, the old-west set Calamity was released as a digital rental or purchase, in both the United Kingdom and the US.


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UK Releases For January 17, 2022





Calamity DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE  "1863, United States of America. 12-year-old Martha Jane and her family are headed west in a large, covered wagon train in search of a better life. After Martha Jane’s father is hurt in a serious accident, she takes charge of her siblings and learns to drive the family wagon. She has never felt so free."
FORMATS: Digital Rental, Digital To Own


Dororo Collection (MVM, 15) "Life as an orphan in feudal Japan is brutal, and while street thief Dororo has managed to survive, wile and craft can only go so far in the body of a child. Then, just when it seems that Dororo's luck has run out, he's rescued from a man-eating ghoul by a mysterious young man wearing a doll-like mask with artificial limbs that conceal deadly blades! Born without arms, legs, sight, hearing and even skin after his father crafted a monstrous deal with the forces of darkness, Hyakkimaru now seeks out the demons who cursed him, in order to regain his lost attributes for each monster slain. The young thief joins into an unexpected alliance with the impossible warrior, setting forth on a quest to restore Hyakkimaru's stolen humanity and rid Japan of demons."

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Fuse (Anime Ltd, 15) " Hamaji, a young huntress from the mountains, stumbles into the middle of a shogun's vendetta against a group of human and dog hybrids - the Fuse. Rumors of Fuse murdering innocent people in the bustling city of Edo have sparked a bounty for their heads. Hamaji joins the hunt for this dangerous quarry along with her brother, but after accidentally befriending one of them, Hamaji is torn between two worlds: her life as a self-reliant huntress, and the young woman her new friend has helped her to uncover."
💿 FORMATS: Blu-Ray 

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US Releases For January 18, 2022




The Addams Family 2 (Universal Pictures, PG) " Everyone's favorite spooky family is back! Morticia and Gomez are distraught that their children are growing up, skipping family dinners, and totally consumed with "scream time." To reclaim their bond, they decide to cram Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester and the crew into their haunted camper and hit the road for one last miserable family vacation. What could possibly go wrong?"
💿 FORMATS: Blu-Ray+DVD+Digital, Digital 


Akira 4K HRD/2K Blu-Ray (Funimation ) " AKIRA, the crown jewel of anime and science fiction, returns with remastered 4K visuals and remixed audio. In the future, Shotaro Kaneda and his motorcycle gang tear through Neo Tokyo, a city divided by growing tensions. But when caught in an accident, Kaneda’s friend Tetsuo Shima discovers a secret government project and receives psychic abilities beyond his control."
💿 FORMATS: 4K+Blu-Ray

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Assault Lily Bouqet (Funimation TV-14) " On the verge of oblivion by an alien threat, Earth creates CHARM, a weapon mixing science and magic. Wielded by teenage girls, they struggle to blossom into a heroic Lily. Can humanity survive long enough for these warrior Lilies to bloom and save us all?"
💿 FORMATS: Blu-Ray+Digital

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Calamity DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE   (OUT NOW)  "1863, United States of America. 12-year-old Martha Jane and her family are headed west in a large, covered wagon train in search of a better life. After Martha Jane’s father is hurt in a serious accident, she takes charge of her siblings and learns to drive the family wagon. She has never felt so free."
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Doomed Megalopolis (Media Blasters, 16+) "An evil sorcerer bent on crushing the "greatest city on earth" uses dark powers to awaken the destructive spirit of Tokyo's historic "guardian." To save the city, a team of occultists, scientists and children become embroiled in a multi-decade supernatural struggle to oppose the forces of darkness! Long out of print, the epic four-chapter saga returns in all it’s horrific glory!"
💿 FORMATS: Blu-Ray,  DVD
Grenadier: The Beautiful Warrior (Media Blasters, 14+) " During the time of the Great Japanese Civil War, the faithful samurai Yairo Torajima finds himself surrounded by an enemy army and certain death. At the moment of his impending doom, the bountiful Rushuna appears and rescues him with nothing more than an enchanting smile and a high-caliber revolver! Together, Yajiro and Rushuna challenge and defeat countless formidable enemies with his swift sword and her uncanny talent for reloading on the bounce! Now, Yajiro joins Rushuna on a mission that is crucial to the survival of humankind- the search for the solution to permanently end all wars and establish world peace for eternity!"
Taisho Baseball Girls (Sentai Filmworks 13+) " The War To End All Wars was only the first World War, but the changes it made to the countries involved were staggering. In 1925, one year into the reign of Emperor Hirohito, Japan is re-inventing itself. The national pastime, baseball, however, remains exclusively the domain of males. Until an arrogant local player sneers that girls should become housewives rather than attending school, and teenage firebrands Koume and Akiko respond with the shocking move of forming their own baseball team! It's as scandalous as the new sailor suit school uniforms, but in a nation in which almost anything now seems possible, it may just be the start of something greater than any nine girls can imagine!"
💿 FORMATS: Blu-Ray
Tower Of God Season 1 (Viz Media, 14+) " Reach the top, and everything will be yours. At the top of the tower exists everything in this world, and all of it can be yours. You can become a god. This is the story of the beginning and the end of Rachel, the girl who climbed the tower so she could see the stars, and Bam, the boy who needed nothing but her."
💿 FORMATS Blu-Ray 
Very Private Lesson (Media Blasters , 16+) "Tairaku is a teacher at a local high school and he has a crush on Ms. Satsuki, a fellow teacher whom he hopes to marry someday. Then he meets Aya Shirakaba, whom he makes such a favorable impression upon that she transfers into his class. Unfortunately, Aya's father is a very wealthy and powerful yakuza boss, who entrusts Tairaku to keep his daughter safe and chaste—or else! To make Tairaku’s job even more difficult, he must fend off the hordes of Aya’s male and female admirers and struggle to resist Aya’s blatant passes at him! Now, Tairaku is in a world of trouble!"

Upcoming Releases

All Release dates are subject to change. Listed Dates are for US release unless stated otherwise. Digital releases may be earlier.

The Spine Of Night (Image Entertainment) Blu-Ray Feb 1
Encanto (Disney, U) 4k, Blu-Ray, DVD Feb 7 [UK]
Belladonna Of Sadness 4K (Anime Ltd, 18) 4K UHD Feb 7 [UK]
Catwoman: Hunted (WB) 4K, Blu-Ray Feb 8
Encanto (Disney) 4K, Blu-Ray, DVD  Feb 8
Howl's Moving Castle Limited Edition (StudioCanal, PG) Blu-Ray Feb 14 [UK]
Hey Arnold! The Movie (Parmount) Blu-Ray Feb 15
Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind Limited Ed (StudioCanal, PG) Blu-Ray Feb 14 [UK]
Yasha-Hime: Half Demon Princess (Viz) Blu-Ray Feb 15
Haibane Renmei Collector's Ed (MVM, 12) Feb 28 [UK]
The Batman: Complete Series [2004-2008] (WB) March 1
Flee (Decal)  Blu Ray March 1
Adventure Time: Distant Lands (WB) Blu-Ray March 8
Dr Stone: Season 2 (Funimation) Blu-Ray+Digital March 15
Millenium Actress STEELBOOK (GKIDS/Shout factory) Blu-Ray+DVD March 22
Sing 2 (Universal) Blu-Ray, DVD  March 22


This Week's Best Deals

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Blue Seed $49.95 $29.97
Castlevania: Season 3 $29.98 $23.98
Made In Abyss $69.98 $41.98

Bambi: Signature Edition $26.50  $12.99
Howl's Moving Castle $29.95 $12.50
Weathering With You  $29.97 $15.99

Akira 4K UHD+Blu-Ray £18.79
Fairy Gone Part 1 £16.96  £12.79 
Fairy Gone Part 2  £14.25 £12.79 
Frozen 2 £5.99 £2.00
Luca  £9.99 £8.95
Mind Game £9.99
Only Yesterday   £14.99 £12.09