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Anime Limited Screen 'Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna' in UK Cinemas

Despite what many people assume, Digimon was never just a simple Pokemon clone. The franchise actually started as virtual pets, launched as a more macho complement to Bandai's Tamagotchi range (remember them?). No doubt the subsequent anime adaptation and video game releases did show the influence of Nintendo's own 'mons, but it was no mere cash-in. The original animated Digimon Adventure series was strong enough to stand on its own and gained a sizeable fanbase both in Japan and the West. In the years since, it has spawned numerous series, several films, games, manga and US-made comic book.  There's even a new instalment in the franchise running this season, Digimon Ghost Game.

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution – Kizuna is a new movie aimed at fans of the original TV anime. Originally released in Japan in February of 2020, just before the world shut down. The film catches up with the characters from the original show ten years later. It was announced in 2018 during the Franchise's 20th Anniversary celebration and was intended to act as a finale to the original series.

The film's US planned Fathom Events theatrical showings from Eleven Arts had to be nixed due to COVID restrictions, instead eventually making its debut on home media from Shout Factory. Due to the same circumstances, Last Evolution has taken some time to make its way to the United Kingdom, Following screenings as part of Scotland Loves Anime in late 2021, distributor Anime Limited will now screen the film in cinemas across the whole of the UK.

The film will screen exclusively at Showcase Cinemas for one night only on Wednesday, March 9.

It's 2010, over ten years since the summer when Taichi met Agumon and the others, and they had their adventure in the Digital World. The worldwide existence of the DigiDestined has gradually been acknowledged, and the sight of Digimon in the real world has become less unusual. Taichi has become a college student, while Yamato and the others have figured out and started down their own paths in life.

During all this, certain incidents begin to occur around DigiDestined worldwide. Menoa and Imura are scholars whose area of study is the Digimon who appeared to Taichi and the others. These two seek assistance from the group, claiming a Digimon called Eosmon is the cause of the incidents. Taichi and the DigiDestined come together once again so they can resolve the matter. But during the battle with Eosmon, something goes wrong with Agumon's and the others' evolutions. When Menoa sees this, she informs Taichi's group of a shocking truth: When a DigiDestined becomes an adult, his or her partner Digimon will cease to exist...

The threat posed by Eosmon gradually spreads to affect Taichi's friends as well. He can't save his friends if he won't fight, but fighting will mean he has to say goodbye to his partner that much sooner. He thought they would always be together. Will he fight, even if it means losing the one most dear to him? That's what it means for a DigiDestined to become an adult. In the face of unalterable destiny, what answer will the bond between Taichi and Agumon produce for just the two of them?

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution – Kizuna was directed by Tomohisa Taguchi (Akudama Drive, Persona 4: The Animation) and produced by Toei Animation and animated by Yumeta Company. An English dub has been produced of the movie, which brought back many of the stars of the original. However, Showcase is currently listing only subtitled screenings. The eventual Blu-Ray release of the film should feature both versions. Visit the film's website for more information on screenings. or to book tickets. 

All screenings take place at 7:00 PM:

  • Bristol
  • Cardiff
  • Coventry
  • Derby
  • Dudley
  • Leeds
  • Leicester
  • Liverpool
  • Nottingham
  • Peterborough
  • Reading