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The Animation Guild Contract Negotiations Resume February 14

You may remember our coverage last year of The Animation Guild's contract renewal negotiations with The Alliance Of Motion Picture and Television Producers. TAG represents US animation workers and negotiates its Master Agreement with The AMPTP every three years.  The process includes the agreement of a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with employers to determine minimum wages, hours, working conditions, and benefits. Animation workers are seeking improvements to pay and conditions, and at minimum parity with their live-action colleagues. For example, animation writers currently receive about 41 to 52 cents for every dollar live-action writers earn every week. For a more detailed explanation, make sure to listen to our podcast interview with TAG representative Joey Clift.

The negotiations late last year ended in a stalemate when the two parties were unable to come to an agreement. The talks are due to resume on Monday, February 14 so now is the perfect time to show your support for the industry. You can get involved with the campaign to increase awareness by using the hashtags #NewDeal4Animation and #PayAnimationWriters writers on social media and let the big distributors, broadcasters and streamers know you support animation workers.

Visit The Animation Guild's website for more information.

Animation Guild Writers on Twitter shared this campaign video, where dozens of animation workers and allies share their support, including big names like Phil Lord, Mara Wilson, Dana Terrace, Owen Dennis, Raphael  Bob-Waksberg, Jorge Guitterz, Lauren Faust and more.