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Web Animation Watch: Don't Think About Her, Crimson and Winter, The Ultimate Wall E Recap Cartoon and More

Welcome back to another edition of our regular series Web Animation Watch. Web Animation Watch brings you the best in online animation: independent shorts, student films, commissioned films, music videos and more!

If you have created something you would like to see featured here, or if you're just a fan who has found something cool- drop us a line. 

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Sea and Sky |  Dinosauria

We have picked films from Scottish animator David James Armsby AKA DeadSound several times before, for his nightmarish dystopian sci-fi shorts. Dinosauria is a series from him that could hardly be more different. As the name suggests, it features dinosaurs and recreates realistic seeming scenes from prehistoric life. It feels like all that's missing is the David Attenborough narration.  You can support David on Patreon here,   or check out the making of Sea and Sky here.



A recently rejected lover tries to get over his ex, in this excellent short from animator Liza Desya uses a variety of styles to convey John's struggles with intrusive thoughts and the ongoing struggle to resist creeping on her Facebook page. Truly a relatable story of dating in the digital age.



Cast Adrift | Simon's Cat

Our favourite fiction feline is back in another adorable short. In this winter-themed episode, our furry friend deals with the first snowfall of the year. Get more Simon's Cat goodies and extras by becoming a member via their YouTube page.


The Ultimate Wall-E Recap Cartoon

Cas Van de Pol's animated recaps have brought us hilarious takes on some of the most popular movies and series in the world, in their own unique style. This latest instalment features his recap of Pixar's classic Wall-E. As Cas has grown in popularity (and grown their successful Patreon) they have been able to take on more animators and produce slicker animation. This latest is considerably more polished than the earlier outings but still retains their original and manic style. Written by Cas and Brian Bear.


Mario MD: Donkey Is Down, Bad

It's-a-me, Dr Mario! Donkey Kong pays a visit to the doc with complaints about back pain in this medically themed new parody from the UK's Channel 4's Mashed. Written by Florian Walraven of Pegbarians with animation by Billy B Crinion.


Crimson and Winter | NARAKA: BLADEPOINT

This promotional film for the video game Naraka Bladepoint (nope, us neither) is one of those ads that are so well done that it stands alone outside of what it's trying to sell us. It brings us some beautifully kinetic action sequences, animated in a gorgeously painterly style that takes inspiration from Chinese and Japanese historical art. Unfortunately, the artists behind this aren't credited.