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'Marcel The Shell With Shoes On' Trailer Will Charm Your Socks Off

Any cinephile worth their salt will be familiar with the film producer distributor A24. In a world full of global mega-corps A24 is out there representing independent film. Given the sort of stuff they usually put out, their first animated movie acquisition was never going to be anything but something out of the ordinary.

And Maurice The Shell With Shoes On is anything but ordinary. The film is based on a series of short stop-motion films of the same name written by Dean Fleischer-Camp and Jenny Slate and directed by Fleischer-Camp. The shorts are framed as interviews with a very unusual interviewee. Maurice is a tiny talking shell with pink shoes on, and he recounts the challenges of being so tiny in his child-like voice (performed by an unrecognisable Jenny Slate). It's a very unlikely subject to be turned into a feature, but that's just what A24 have done.

The trailer starts from the same basic set-up but introduces a wider story or Maurice's search for his family. Fleischer-Camp returns to direct the feature version, with Slate both reprising the lead role and co-writing the screenplay, this time with Nick Paley. Fleischer-Camp and Elisabeth Holm also get story credits. Alongside Slate the feature also stars Isabella Rossellini, Rosa Salazar, Thomas Mann, and Lesley Stahl as well as several media personalities in live-action footage as themselves.

Marcel The Shell With Shoes in shuffles into cinemas Stateside from June 24, 2022.