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'Avatar : The Way Of Water' Teases a Return Visit To Pandora

When it was first previewed ahead of its release James Cameron's Avatar was met with bemused glances. Some thought the director was headed for an embarrassment. But people learned that you don't bet against James Cameron when it went on to become the highest grossing film of all time. A position it retains to this day, some 12 years later.

We're in a similar boat today as internet commentators are sceptical of the long-gestating sequel (the first of four planned sequels) Avatar: The Way Of Water. People like to point out that the first film hasn't had much of a cultural impact (other than a short-lived boom in 3D films) and make 'hilarious' comparisons to Ferngully, The Smurfs and Dances With Wolves.  Sure, it does seem unlikely at this point that it will be able to recreate the success of the first- especially as the box office is still recovering from the pandemic.... but never count Cameron out.

The first teaser debuted at the end of the week alongside Doctor Strange and The Multiverse Of Madness. Unusually for 2022, the trailer wasn't released online, allowing people to get their first look at it in 3D as the director intended. With the opening weekend out of the way, the trailer has finally been released online.

The sequel will take us back to the beautiful planet of Pandora, where this time humanity seemingly have their sights set on the resources contained in the planet's vast oceans.

The teaser is mainly a mood setter, featuring scenes to remind you of the film's setting- and to introduce you to another part of its ecosystem. Even without the aid of 3D and on a small screen it's a technical marvel- you need to remind yourself that the incredible locations are entirely created inside a computer, along with the planet's life forms. And yes, no matter what the director and the marketing may claim, this is (mostly) an animated movie.

Avatar: The Way Of Water is due to hit cinemas in the US on December 16.