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Star Wars Animation News: Visions Volume 2, Tales Of The Jedi and More

This year saw the return of Star Wars Celebration, the regular celebration of all things LucasFilm. 2022's event took place in Anaheim, California and its line-up incorporated some great news for animation fans.

First up The Bad Batch panel gave attendees a sneak peek at the upcoming second season of the Clone Wars spin-off. Exclusive footage was shown at the panel only, alongside a new trailer which you can check out here.

During the Star Wars Visions panel, LucasFilm revealed behind the scenes and insider information on the anime anthology. Most excitingly of all they announced that Star Wars Visions Volume 2 was in development, and would be coming to Disney Plus in Spring 2023.

Interestingly, they teased the fact that the second season would open the invitation to creators from outside Japan. Creative teams involved include those from  India, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Chile, France, South Africa, and the United States. LucasFilm's James Waugh said of the project "It’s going to be a celebration of the incredible animation happening all around the globe." We could barely be more excited.

It doesn't stop there either, as a second animated anthology series is coming to Disney Plus later this year. Tales Of The Jedi is a six-episode series. Set during the Prequel era, they will focus on the characters of Count Dooku and Ashoka Tana, with each character getting three episodes. The episodes will uncover previously untold parts of their story but will also see familiar characters return including Qui-Gon Jinn- last seen in The Phantom Menace. Overseen by Dave Filoni, the series storytelling is claimed to be inspired by legendary animation Hayao Miyazaki and George Lucas.

Also announced was Young Jedi Adventures a new series coming to Disney Plus and Disney Junior in Spring 2023. The series will be the first Star Wars series to be aimed at the preschool audience. The series is reportedly set in the High Republic era.

These original stories will follow Younglings as they are swept off into adventures, and start their journeys on the path to becoming Jedi Knights, learning valuable skills for our galaxy and the galaxy far, far away. The Jedi-in-training will tackle topics of compassion, self-discipline, teamwork, patience, and friendship.