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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Return in New Movie This November

Aqua Teen Hunger Force
has to be one of animation's most unlikely successes. Against the odds, the show ran on Adult Swim for nearly fifteen years. Equally unlikely was the news that the show was being resurrected (alongside fellow Adult Swim series The Venture Bros and Metalocalypse) in the form of new movies. The first result of this was revealed at last week's Adult Swim Festival.

Master Shake, Frylock, Meatwad and their hapless neighbour Carl will return in Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm. The story will see the Aqua Teens (who aren't teenagers and have nothing to do with water) split up and get back together to take on the totally fictional corporation Amazin. This brings them into conflict with the company's owner Neil (voiced by British actor Peter Serafinowicz) and his trusty sidekick Elmer (Paul Walter Hauser)

Phantasm stars Carey Means, Dana Snyder and co-creator Dave Willis as their titular trio. The film is written and directed by Matt Maiellaro and David Willis

The film comes to 4K, Blu-Ray and Digital on November 8 from Warner Bros Home Entertainment. It will also air on Adult Swim and stream on HBO Max in 2023. Preorder from Amazon here.

"Maiellaro and I are excited to finally bring book IIV of the Aqua Teen Plantasm series to the big screen that is little and inside your house. It’s funny and entertaining and it has colorful drawings that move about in a rapid fashion, but not so rapid as to cause seizures," says Dave Willis. "Luxuriate your eyes in our updated animation! Revel in the mature themes and coherent storytelling! This is not your grandad’s Aqua Teen! Also, this movie has no superheroes in it. That is the Aqua Teen Hunger Force guarantee: no superheroes! No star war stuff either. If you’re looking for a star war or a yoda, this is probably not the movie for you."

Get your first look at the new movie in the clip, below.