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GKIDS and Shout Factory Release 'Summer Ghost' and 'Ainbo Spirit Of The Amazon' This November

GKIDS Films and Shout Factory have announced that the award-winning short Summer Ghost is coming to home entertainment this November. The 40-minute film is the directorial debut of the celebrated, up-and-coming artist Loundraw. Before turning his hand to animation, the artist's work earned him a following online while he was still a teenager. He is also well known for providing illustrations for the novel I Want To Eat Your Pancreas, which was later adapted into an anime feature.

The film is also the debut work from FLAT Studio, the studio founded by Loundraw in 2019. It was originally released in Japan in 2021 and has screened at several festivals including Leeds International Film Festival, Annecy International Animation Festival and Fantasia, where it was awarded the Gold Audience Award for Short Film.

An urban legend says that lighting fireworks at an abandoned airfield will beckon the “summer ghost,” a spirit that can answer any question. Three teenagers, Tomoya, Aoi, and Ryo, each have their own reason to show up one day. When a ghost named Ayane appears, she reveals she is only visible to those “who are about to touch their death.” Compelled by the ghost and her message, Tomoya begins regularly visiting the airfield to uncover the true purpose of her visits.

Summer Ghost will be available in both original language version and a new English dub. GKIDS have announced the English cast:

  • Tomoya David Errigo Jr.
  • Ayane : Megan Taylor Harvey
  • Ryo  :Clifford Chapin
  • Aoi:  Kyla Carter
  • Tomoya’s Mom:  Anne Yatco
  • Ayane’s Mom : Anne Yatco

Bonus features include the feature-length documentary To You Before Dawn and an interview with Loundraw. The film will be available on Blu-Ray and Digital from November 1. Preorder from Amazon here or RightStuf Anime here.

Meanwhile Shout Factory have announced the release of Ainbo: Spirit Of The Amazon. A family feature with an eco-friendly message, the film was a selection for the 2021 edition of Annecy and recently picked up three nominations at the Quirino Ibero-American Animation Awards. It's a Dutch-Peruvian co-production.

A world of adventure awaits you in Ainbo: Spirit Of The Amazon, the tale of a young girl determined to save her home in the deepest jungle of the rainforest. One day, Ainbo discovers that her homeland is being threatened and realizes that there are other humans in the world besides her people. Using the help of her spirit guides, Dillo the armadillo and Vaca the tapir, she embarks on a journey to seek help from the most powerful Mother Spirit of the Amazon, Turtle Motelo Mama. As she fights to save her paradise against the greed and exploitation of illegal gold mining, she struggles to reverse the destruction and the impending evil of the Yacaruna, the darkest demon that lives in the Amazon. Guided by her mother’s spirit, Ainbo resolves to save her land and her people before it’s too late!

Ainbo: Spirit Of The Amazon is based on an idea by José Zelada, and directed by Zelada and Richard Claus. The English cast features Lola Raie (Cheaper by the Dozen), Naomi Serrano (New Amsterdam), Dino Andrade (Batman: Arkham Asylum), Joe Hernandez (Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy), Alejandra Gollas (Quinceañera) and Bernardo De Paula (Carmen Sandiego). 

The film will available on DVD, Digital and On-Demand from November 29. Preorder from Amazon here.