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Crowdfund This: Boxtown

Animation has been going through a tough time recently.  The industry has been hit by job losses and several prominent cancellations at the hands of companies like Warner Bros Discovery and Netflix. Animation workers have been fighting for improved conditions, and its little wonder many feel underappreciated and badly treated. Some animators are choosing to take control of their own destinies.

Bandit Mill Studios is a newly established independent collective of animators founded to create broadcast quality adult animation. "Our collective is just the beginning of a new way to democratize animation." they say. "We’re committed to fairly paying team members. We’re committed to seeking out novel stories told from perspectives not often seen in traditional media, including mental health and addiction. We’re committed to making art without jumping through hoops that are on fire, leaving people in development limbo, or prioritizing soulless reboots over brand new visions."

Bandit Mill's first project is Boxtown from creator Charlie Gavin. Set in a Film Noir style city, it follows a so-so detective named Tim and his true crime obsessed child sidekick Bill. They're an unlikely duo, and the series promises to delve into just how messed up a Batman and Robin style crime fighting relationship would actually be.

The studio is turning to crowdfunding via IndieGoGo to partially finance the pilot. Rewards start at $10, which will get you an invite to the pilot's virtual premiere and Q&A. The $40 Backstage Pass will allow you access to behind-the-scenes material and gain invaluable insight into the production of the pilot. They go all the way up to $1000 which includes a Tim doll.

The project has already shot past its initial $15,000 goal and is now working towards the stretch goals. They estimate that the $15,000 will be enough to fund preproduction on the pilot, and $150,000 would be enough for the episode to be fully funded.

If you're interested in helping Boxtown to become a reality visit the campaign page today.