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Henry Selick's 'Wendell & Wild' Gets A Teaser Trailer, PG-13 Rating

There can't be many names more respected in the world of stop-motion than Henry Selick. This is despite the fact that he has only released three features in his career so far. But when those features are The Nightmare Before Christmas, James and The Giant Peach and Coraline you can see he's earned his legendary status.

After a number of false starts, Selick's first film since Coraline is Wendell & Wild. The film is based on an unpublished book of the same name by Selick and Clay McLeod Chapman. Acclaimed filmmaker Jordan Peel (Get Out, Nope) co-wrote the screenplay with Selick and provides the voice of the titular Wild, alongside his former comedy partner Keegan-Michael Key who voices Wendell. Peel also produces through his Monkeypaw Productions.

Ahead of the film's world premiere at Toronto Internation Film Festival, Netflix has released the first trailer. The teaser introduces us to Kat, the misfit teen who ends up summoning the epponymous demons.

The teaser is extremly atmospheric and continues very much in the same vein as Selick's previous work. If you like your stop-motion creepy, spooky and a little bit unsettling, then you are in for a treat. To underscore that fact, the teaser reveals that the film has been rated PG-13 by the MPAA- almost unheard of for a mainstream Hollywood animated feature. The film also boasts extremely stylised visuals and character designs, making it look more like Nightmare than Coraline.

Alongside Key and Peel, the cast includes Lyric Ross as Kat, alongside acting legends Angela Bassett and James Hong. Also featuring are Sam Zelaya, Tamara Smart, Seema Virdi, Ving Rhames, David Harewood and Maxine Peake.

Wendell and Wild will be released in select cinemas from October 21, before landing on Netflix on October 28- just in time for Halloween. Check out the teaser, below.