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Unicorn Wars Releases In Cinemas and On Digital This March

US distributor GKIDS Films have established themselves as animation fans' best friend for some years now. They have built up a reputation for quality releases ensuring that anything they put out is at least worth checking out. Next up is a movie by the name of  Unicorn Wars

Coming from the acclaimed illustrator Alberto Vázquez (Birdboy: The Forgotten Children), the film recently won the Goya Award for Best Animated Feature. It was also selected for festivals including Annecy, London Film Festival, Fantastic Fest and Animation Is Film.

It might sound cute but this is definitely not for kids. Vázquez uses its candy-coloured premise to explore themes of religious zealotry and the legacy of military fascism. 

The film is described as "Bambi meets Apocalypse Now" and depicts a generations-long war between Teddy Bears and Unicorns. The bears believe that victory will fulfil the prophecy and usher in a shining new era. 

Brash and aggressive teddy Bluey and his shy and withdrawn brother Tubby could not be more different. As the rigorous teddy bear Boot Camp makes way for the psychedelic horrors of a combat tour in The Magic Forest their strained relationship will come to decide the fate of the whole war.

GKIDS will release the film theatrically and via digital on March 10. There will also be preview screenings at select Alamo Drafthouse locations on March 6.

Preview Screenings (March 6)

Alamo Drafthouse LaCenterra
Katy, TX (March 3)

Los Angeles, CA
Alamo Drafthouse Los Angeles

San Francisco, CA
Alamo Drafthouse New Mission

Denver, CO
Alamo Drafthouse Sloans Lake

Chicago, IL
Alamo Drafthouse Wrigleyville

Raleigh, NC
Alamo Drafthouse Raleigh

New York, NY
Alamo Drafthouse Lower Manhattan

Austin, TX
Alamo Mueller 6

San Antonio, TX
Alamo Drafthouse Park North

From March 10

Commerce, CA 
Commerce 14

Columbus, OH
Gateway Film Center

Tucson, AZ
The Loft Cinema

Portland, Or

San Francisco, CA 
The Roxie

Santa Ana, CA 
The Frida Cinema

Jacksonville, FL 
Sun-Ray Cinema

Canton, MI
Emagine Canton 19 + Super EMAX

Rochester Hills, MI
Emagine Rochester Hills 13 + EMAX

Eagan, MN
Emagine Eagan 15+ EMAX
Akron, OH 
The Nightlight Cinema

Columbus, OH
The Nightlight Cinema 

Emmaus, PA 
Emmaus Theatre

Plymouth, MN
Emagine Willow Creek 12

Bremerton, WA
SEEFilm Cinemas

Roseburg, OR
Roseburg Cinemas

Coral Gables, FL
Coral Gables Art Cinema (March 11)

Portland, ME
SPACE Gallery (March 17)

Albuquerque, NM,
The Guild (March 21)

Santa Fe, NM
Jean Cocteau Cinema (March 23)

Milwaukee, MI 
Milwaukee Film (March 20)

Additional screenings may be added, check for the latest updates here.