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Out This Week: Mushoku Tensei, El Hazard, Love and Lies and more

Welcome back to another edition of Out This Week. It's a relatively quiet week, with US releases consisting of anime titles Love and Lies and Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation and Chinese animation Heaven Official's Blessing. Meanwhile, in the UK, new releases include El Hazard: The Alternative World, The Slime Diaries and Hello World.

UK Releases For March 6, 2023

Aria The Origination (MVM, U) "As winter melts into spring, Akari, Aika and Alice continue to work hard to become Neo-Venezia’s top gondoliers. Aika starts to take on more responsibility around Himeya; Alice travels up the challenging canal near Hope Hill; even Akari spends a day working on a huge gondola called a traghetto! But there’s still so much to learn... and the final test to become a Prima, which once seemed so far off in the future, might not be so far off anymore."

El Hazard: The Alternative World (Anime Ltd., 15) "Makoto and the others are mysteriously transported from El Hazard to yet another world where they face dangers, both old and new."

Hello World (Anime Ltd., 12) "A man travels in time from the year 2027 to relive his school years and to correct a bad decision."

The Slime Diaries: That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime (Crunchyroll LLC, 15) "A spin-off of the anime series That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime focused on the daily lives and special events of the people of the country of Tempest outside of battle."

US Releases For March 7, 2023

Heaven Official's Blessing (Crunchyroll LLC., TV-14) "Crown Prince Xie Lian of Xian Le Kingdon ascends to Heaven despite successive demotions. However, he accidentally breaks the golden palace of Heavenly officials. With no human worshipping him, Xie Lian must descend to the secular world to exorcise ghosts."
FORMATS: Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray LE

Love and Lies: Complete Collection (Sentai Filmworks, TV-14) "In the world where high school students Yukari and Misaki live, it's a cold and unfeeling government bureaucracy that decides who marries, and the prospective bride and groom are given little choice in the matter. Which means that even though Yukari wants nothing more than to marry Misaki, that dream is destroyed when he's ordered to marry Ririna instead. It seems hopeless… or is it? Just as taxes can sometimes be dodged, Cupid has ways of dodging federal regulations and making sure that his arrows fly true, and a potential loophole opens when Ririna reveals that she's not against Yukari and Misaki being a couple. However, when it appears that Ririna and Yukari are getting closer, things might be getting unexpectedly complicated as a tale of true romance becomes one of Love and Lies!"

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation - Season 1, Part 2 (Crunchyroll LLC., TV-MA) "Lost on the Demon Continent, Rudy, Eris, and Ruijerd join forces to form the "Dead End" professional adventurers! Headed for Asura Kingdom, they work together to find a way back home. Meanwhile, Roxy sets out across the continent in search of Rudy."

Upcoming Releases

All Release dates are subject to change. Listed Dates are for US release unless stated otherwise. Digital releases may be earlier. Titles are Blu-ray unless stated otherwise.

Junk Head (DVD) March 14
Star Trek Lower Decks Season 3 April 25