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[Annecy] Disney Tease Their Animated Future in Television and Streaming

The Annecy International Animation Festival is underway, and all the big names in animation are in town. Among them is probably the biggest of them all, Disney.

During their panel The Next 100, Disney unveiled preschool series Disney Junior's Ariel and Magiccampers. The former is inspired by the 2023 live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid. The latter is set in a day camp for magical creatures and features a half pig half Pegasus and a half donkey half unicorn.

"We instantly fell in love with this ensemble of unique hybrid characters, who each combine something magical and something ordinary within themselves," Orion Ross, vice president of animation for The Walt Disney Company EMEA said. "Their adventures in this lush fantastical world are wildly fun and also explore what it means to grow up and discover yourself."

Also newly announced was The Disney Channel's StuGo, about a gang of middle schoolers tricked into attending a fake academic summer camp by a mad scientist.  The Sunnyridge 3 created by Stevie Gee and Essy May features three friends who decide to investigate what's really going on in a bizarre shopping centre. Joining them is Primo, which is inspired by Natasha Kline’s childhood experience growing up with an extended, multicultural Mexican-American family.

Disney also gave attendees a first look at a new trailer for upcoming African animation anthology Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire, ahead of its debut on Disney Plus on July 5.

The Mouse House also announced a fourth season of Marvel's Spidey And His Amazing Friends, a third season of Firebuds, a second season of Kiff and a third season of The Loud Family Louder And Prouder.

Newly announced for Disney Plus is The Doomies, a series about a pair of best friends who accidentally open a gateway to another world in their sleepy seaside town. Their home town soon becomes a hotspot for creatures of Doom. Also coming to Disney Plus is Dragon Striker,  a series that combines fantasy action with sports, to create a football show quite unlike any you might have seen before.

Lastly, a very special new episode of The Wonderful World Of Mickey Mouse was unveiled, Made as part of the celebration of Disney's centenary, the final episode will be Steamboat Silly. The episode calls back to Mickey's very first appearance in Steamboat Willie.