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Out This Week: The Devil Is A Part Timer, South Park, Pompo The Cinephile and more

Welcome back to another edition of Out This Week , where we round up the latest new animation releases. This week sees the latest collection of South Park seasons, available alongside a variety of anime titles including The Devil Is A Part Timer and Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan.  New in the UK meanwhile are anime including Pompo The Cinephile,  Iroduku: The World In Colours and Irina The Vampire Cosmonaut.

UK Releases For July 17


The Greatest Demon is Reborn As A Typical Nobody (Crunchyroll LLC.,  12) "After accomplishing everything he could as king, the most powerful Demon Lord ever, Varvatos, is now bored. To spice things up a bit, he is reborn in the future as Ard Meteor. Not without first recalibrating his powers to be perfectly average. But there’s no way he could have predicted that everyone in the modern world would be weak as hell, making him totally overpowering once again!"

Irina The Vampire Cosmonaut (Crunchyroll LLC, 15) "Two great nations race for the cosmos, launching a secret experiment in the east. Before risking the first human flight, they will send a vampire named Irina. Despite racial differences, she and her human overseer, Lev, aim for the stars together."

Iroduku: The World In Colours (MVM Entertainment, PG) " In 2078, Hit­omi Tsuk­ishiro is a teenage girl from a fam­ily of witches who lost her sense of col­ors as she lost the peo­ple she trea­sured. Not want­ing to see her grand­daugh­ter suf­fer any­more, Hit­omi's grand­mother Ko­haku Tsuk­ishiro sends her 60 years into the past to 2018 to meet her 17-year-old self."

Pompo The Cinephile (Anime Ltd, 12) "A famous movie producer gives her young production assistant a chance to direct his first film."

Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs  (Crunchyroll LLC,12)"After beating an insufferable otome game, Leon wakes up in its world! Now he’s living as a lowly background character, and without money or status, he won’t get far. Luckily, he knows the winning strategies. Plus, he’s got serious main character energy!"

US Releases For July 18


 The Devil Is A Part-Timer Season 2 (Crunchyroll LLC, TV-14) "MgRonald’s best demon lord worker is back, climbing the corporate ladder to become ruler of Earth. But Maou’s plans of domination might need to be put on hold when a small girl claims to be his and Emi’s child!"

Medaka Box: Complete Collection (Sentai Filmworks, TV-14)"Medaka Kurokami seems impossibly perfect. Not only is she one of the best in her class in most academics and sports, she's also beautiful, sweet, and caring, so no one is particularly surprised when one of her first acts as the newly elected Student Council President is to create a suggestion box for odd problems that need to be addressed. However, what no one expects is for the box's submissions to start revealing evidence of a sinister conspiracy… one that directly targets the students of Hakoniwa Academy! As what seemed like a simple way to help others continues to expose new and shocking revelations, Medaka, her self-appointed protector Zenkichi, and their recruits find themselves left with no other option: it's time to start laying down some serious smackdown in the ultimate Student Council-endorsed battle royale!"

South Park Seasons 21-25 (Paramount Pictures, TV-MA) COME ON DOWN TO SOUTH PARK WITH THIS EPIC BOX SET! Over 35 classic episodes from Seasons 21 through 25 of South Park have been packed into this one kick-ass Collector's Edition! The residents of everyone's favorite little mountain town contend with the vaping epidemic, the Underbelly of Social Media, and the return of ManBearPig! So join Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny as they take on COVID-19, tackle the consequences of immigration, and correct a long-held misconception about one of their classmates. For them, it's all part of growing up in South Park! SOUTH PARK: SEASONS TWENTY-ONE TO TWENTY-FIVE COLLECTION stars creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, along with Mona Marshall ("Blue Exorcist"), April Stewart (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) and Jessica Makinson ("Maron").

Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan (VIZ Media, TV-MA) "Rohan’s ongoing quest to infuse his manga with a dose of “reality” drags him into a surreal world of the macabre! Gruesome revelations of the flesh and the supernatural morph into distorted forms of etiquette and death. A killer who guzzles the blood of her decaying lover. An episode of psychological panic and perverse obsession at the gym. A bizarre brush with fate behind the silent curtains of a church confessional in Italy. In Rohan’s world, what appears inane, even harmless, soon festers into moments of desperation and survival! Will his signature “reality” finally cease to exist?"

Tokyo Mew Mew Season 1 (Sentai Filmworks, TV-14)"Ichigo was hoping for a great first date. What she got was a literal disaster and an origin story! First she's hit with a ray that supplements her DNA with that of an Iriomote Cat (an endangered subspecies of leopard), and then they're attacked by a giant rat monster! With her date down, Ichigo finds herself using her new feline abilities to defeat the monster.Holy catgirl, she's a super heroine! But who gave her these powers and why? With her cat out of the bag, Ichigo must track down the mysterious Mew Project and help locate the other Mew Mew girls who've been given similar powers in order to fight off invading aliens! Geez, when is she going to have time to do her homework? Find out when the good girls go magically wild!" 

When Will Ayumu Make His Move? (Sentai Filmworks, TV-14) "Ayumu was a Kendo competitor in middle school, so everyone assumed that he'd join the Kendo club for his first year in high school. Instead, he becomes involved with an entirely different sort of activity with a Second-Year girl… an activity famous for becoming increasingly complex the longer it goes on! We're talking about Shogi, of course, the board game that's often referred to as Japanese chess. But the game itself soon becomes a problem, because while Ayumu finds himself increasingly attracted to Urushi, he's also sworn not to tell her until he's won a match against her… and Urushi's REALLY good at Shogi! So now they're stuck in a loop, caught up in ancient game that's far more complicated than chess… and also playing a lot of Shogi as well… wondering when will ayumu make his move?"

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