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Out This Week: One Piece Film Red, Ranma 1/2, Avatar and More

Welcome to another quiet summer edition of Out This Week. This week is particularly quiet in the US in the wake of the July 4th Holiday. There are in fact only two titles, but they're both pretty big hitters in the form of anime blockbuster One Piece Film Red and the Ranma 1/2 OVA and Movie Collection. Things are similarly quiet across the pond, with a pair of new anime titles joined by a remastered 4K release for James Cameron's Avatar.

UK Releases For July 10, 2023

Avatar: Remastered (20th Century, 12) An ex-Marine finds himself thrust into hostilities on an alien planet filled with exotic life forms. As an Avatar, a human mind in an alien body, he finds himself torn between two worlds, in a desperate fight for his own survival and that of the indigenous people.
FORMATS: 4K, Blu-Ray

Love Me, Love Me Not (Anime Ltd., 12) "Yuna and Akari are two high-school girls with different views on love: Yuna dreams about rose-coloured romance, while Akari is down-to-earth and practical. Yuna's childhood friend Kazuomi is an airhead who can't grasp the concept of love, while Akari's brother Rio grabs onto any confession as an opportunity to get with a cute girl. These four classmates end up leading a youthful romance that will surpass their expectations."

Non Non Biyori Repeat (MVM Entertainment, PG) "With just five students (none in the same grade), the four girls of the tiny Asahioka Branch School still enjoy watching cherry blossoms, playing in rivers, digging potatoes, and building igloos together. The pace is very slow yet enjoyable and heartwarming."

US Releases For July 11, 2023

One Piece Film Red (Crunchyroll LLC, TV-14) "For the first time ever, Uta - the most beloved singer in the world - will reveal herself to the world at a live concert. The voice that the whole world has been waiting for is about to resound."

Ranma 1/2 OVA and Movie Collection (Viz Media, TV-14) "From the creator of Inuyasha and Maison Ikkoku come the madcap adventures and wacky martial arts madness of Ranma - a boy who turns into a girl when splashed with water. Based on the animated TV series, this collection of movies and original animated videos is a treat for fans, new and old alike. The world of martial arts will never be the same."

Upcoming Releases

Dragon Ball Z Seasons 1-9 August 1
Black Summoner August 1
Over The Sky August 7 (UK)
One Piece Film Red August 7 (UK)
RE: Cutie Honey August 29
Call Of The Night September 5
Go Nagai World September 26