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Adult Swim Releases 'Rick and Morty Season 7' Trailer.

Rick and Morty is easily one of the most popular adult animation shows in the multiverse. Born out of a parody short of Back To The Future created by Justin Roiland the series has gone on to become a hundred-million dollar franchise. The sci-fi sitcom was the most viewed TV comedy on cable during seasons three to six.

The show has gone on to spawn comics, video games, Virtual Reality experiences and a galaxy's worth of merchandise.

We're now only a few weeks away from the arrival of the much-anticipated season seven. The season premiere will take place on Sunday, Oct. 15 at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT on Adult Swim. It will air simultaneously in over 134 countries in 38 languages. And now Adult Swim have debuted the first trailer.

Fans might approach this first trailer with a little trepidation, as this is the first season to come out since Roiland was let go. The good news is that the replacements for the titular roles are perfectly cast- if you didn't know they weren't voiced by Roiland you wouldn't guess,

The trailer looks suitably manic for Rick and Morty. And as usual, expect the trailers to barely scratch the surface of the insanity of the final episodes. 

All set to the classic rock track Ace Of Spades, we take a wild ride through the season. It looks like it's going to contain aliens, zombies, robots, ghosts of robots, vampires, Morty turned into a dog, Rick turned into a leg, a warrior ape, and Mr. Poopy Butthole. Whether these turn out to be major plotlines or just throwaway gags, with Rick and Morty you never know.