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Web Animation Watch: Christmas Special


Welcome back to another edition of Web Animation Watch! Did you miss us? Web Animation Watch brings you the best in online animation: independent shorts, student films, commissioned films, music videos and more! And this time we bring you our Christmassy special. It's pretty much like any other edition, but it's got snow on it.

If you have created something you would like to see featured here, or if you're just a fan who has found something cool- drop us a line. or submit via FilmFreeway

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Simon's Cat | Oh Deer

It's just not a festive edition of Web Animation Watch without Simon's Cat. 15 years on and the series has lost none of its adorable charm. In this year's Christmas episode Simon is getting ready for Christmas while Simon's Cat is up to mischief. Watch as he brings an impressive whirlwind of  destruction to the festive season.

Fuzzy Feeling

This short film from Apple is an interesting blend of animation and live-action. The film alternates between stop-motion sequences and scenes from the life of the woman making the film. It's an inspired idea, and as the title suggests- it'll give you the warm fuzzies. Apple have also released a making of video.


Morrisons Advert

Every christmas in the UK all the big brands compete to produce the advert that will most capture the public imagination. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, as in the case of this one from British supermarket chain Morrsions. The ad features oven gloves (and other household objects that look a bit like mouths) lip-syncing along to an 80's power ballad (Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship). It's pretty hard to resist.


Catmas Cottage

Mr Weebl is back with another animated advent Calendar. He no longer produces 25 new animations as that was an incredible amount of work for anyone to undertake. It sees the return of Catface, the floating feline as he prepares for the big day.


Shaun The Sheep X Barbour

British clothing brand Barbour have previously had Christmas ads featuring such UK icons as Raymond Briggs's Father Christmas and Paddington. This year they have teamed up with Aardman Animation to bring us a new adventure featuring Shaun The Sheep. It's Christmas time at Mossy Bottom Farm and Shaun, Blitzer, and the rest of the flock decide to mend the farmer's damaged jacket as a Christmas present.