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Out This Week: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Justice League Crisis On Infinite Earths and More

Welcome back to another edition of Out This Week. This week continues to be a quiet one, as January typically is. New on 4K and Blu-Ray this week is latest animated Justice Leauge outing Crisis On Infinite Earths (Part One). On Blu-Ray for the first time is By The Grace Of The Gods Season 2 and  JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Set 8 - Stone Ocean Part 1. Reissued this week is anime mecha opera RahXephon and the Oscar-nominated The Triplets Of Belleville.

No animated titles are released in the UK this week.

US Releases For January 23, 2024

By The Grace Of God Season 2 (Crunchyroll LLC, TV-14) "Adjusting to life without the Jamil family, Ryoma travels between Gimul and the town of Lenaf, taking on new challenges as he goes. Between expanding his business, battling smash boars, and inventing cool items, being a slime tamer couldn’t be more fun!"

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Set 8 - Stone Ocean Part 1 (Viz Media, TV-MA)"Florida, U.S.A, 2011 After an accident while on a drive with her sweetheart, Jolyne Cujoh falls into a trap and is sentenced to fifteen years. She is sent to the state-run maximum-security correctional facility Green Dolphin Street Prison—AKA "the Aquarium." On the verge of despair, she receives a pendant from her father that causes a mysterious power to awaken inside of her. Will Jolyne ultimately be set free from this stone ocean they call a prison? The final battle to end century-long fateful confrontations between the Joestar family and DIO begins!!"

Justice League: Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 1 (Warner Bros, NR) "The Anti-Monitor (the Monitor's evil counterpart) is released in the DC Multiverse and begins to destroy the different Earths that compose it. The Monitor attempts to recruit heroes from across the Multiverse, but is murdered."
FORMATS: Blu-Ray, 4K

RahXephon: Complete Collection (Sentai Filmworks, TV-14) "For 15 years, the human race has fought an ongoing battle against the Mu, the alien invaders who have trapped the city of Tokyo inside an impenetrable dome where time flows in a different path and the mind-wiped citizens have no idea that their city has been conquered. But as Earth's military begins to briefly breach the walls, one young man starts to realize that something is very wrong. That nothing is quite as it seems. And when he makes contact with a woman from outside, he learns that he, himself, is somehow at the center of the entire alien plan. A plan that will literally re-write reality itself."

The Triplets Of Belleville (Sony Pictures, PG-13) "You've never seen anything like THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE, a wildly inventive and highly original Oscar-nominated animated feature crowded with colorful characters and fantastic imagery. Kidnapped by mysterious, square-shouldered henchmen, a Tour de France cyclist named Champion is spirited across the ocean to the teeming metropolis of Belleville. His grandmother and faithful dog follow his trail and are taken in by a trio of eccentric jazz-era divas. The motley sleuths follow the clues to an underground betting parlor and now the chase is on! Richly imagined, wildly inventive and acclaimed as one of the best films of the year!"

Also Released

 Kitty Triple Header [ADULT TITLE]

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