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Out This Week: Great Pretender, Extreme Ghostbusters, Urusei Yatsura (2022) and more

Welcome everyone back to Out This Week, for another edition that is on the quieter side for new releases. New for this week is the new reboot of the classic Rumiko Takahashi series Urusei Yatsura.  Also new this week is a new complete series release of the 1990's animated sequel Extreme Ghostbusters- DVD only. Also getting a DVD rerelease is the feature-length DC spin-off Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo.

New to the UK this week is a standard edition of the Wit Studio caper Great Pretender (following its collector's edition release earlier this month). Getting the Collector's Edition treatment this week is Science Fell In Love So I Tried To Prove It and WXIII: Patlabor The Movie 3.

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UK Releases For March 18. 2024

Great Pretender Case 1 & 2 (Anime Ltd, 12)"People are willing to believe any convenient truth. Self-styled "Japan's greatest swindler" Makoto Edamura is mainly targeting elder people and occasional foreign travelers. But when he tries to scam an apparently clueless French tourist in Tokyo, he can't possibly imagine that what looked like just another ordinary job is going to take him all the way to Los Angeles, tied upside-down on the famous Hollywood sign... And he is yet to find out what fate awaits him!"

Science Fell In Love So I Tried To Prove It Season One Collector's Edition (Anime Ltd, 15) "When university researcher Ayame Himuro confesses to fellow researcher Shinya Yukimura that she’s in love with him, it sets off an interesting debate. Being the kind of students that they are, Yukimura wonders if love can be proven as a formula. Himuro’s first attempt, counting increased heartbeats and numbers of longing glances, seem promising. However, when they test those results under laboratory conditions, reenacting scenes from romantic manga, the data gets confusing. Especially after they drag in classmate Kanade Kotonoha to act as a “control”, since when she and Yukimura reenact the same scenes, much of the “physical evidence” is duplicated! Of course, that just means that they and their entire research team will just have to try harder! Is love blind? And was it blinded by science?"

WXIII: Patlabor The Movie 3 Collector's Edition (Anime Ltd, 15) "When the level of Labor accidents begin to escalate around Tokyo Bay, police detectives Kusumi and Hata are assigned to investigate. What they discover leads to a series of government cover-ups, conspiracy concerning a new biological weapon entitled WXIII-Wasted Thirteen and a tragic, personal connection to Hata. The only hope to stop this threat is to cooperate with the military and lead WXIII into a showdown with the Labors of Special Vehicle Division 2."

US Releases For March 19, 2024

Extreme Ghostbusters (Sony Pictures) "Follow-up series that expands on the Ghostbuster empire by recruiting new characters."

Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo (Warner Bros) "After a battle with a high-tech villain named Saiko-Tek, the Teen Titans travel to the city of Tokyo where they find themselves embroiled in a conflict with an ancient enemy."

Urusei Yatsura (Sentai Filmworks, TV-14) "Ataru Moroboshi is known for his incredibly bad luck, so when alien invaders challenge a random human to battle for the future of the Earth, guess who they pick? But to everyone’s shock, unlucky Ataru inexplicably manages to defeat his beautiful, electrically charged, and bikini-clad opponent, Lum — and in the process, he mistakenly convinces her he wants her hand in marriage! Given that Ataru’s still chasing after his old girlfriend (and just about any other attractive girl he meets), this means a new war of the worlds is just beginning in the complete collection of the all-new Urusei Yatsura!"

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